Australia Bans Haris Ibrahim

September 27, 2013


Haris not allowed to enter Australia? Big deal. Sarawak banned him much earlier. I’m sure he’ll be allowed in one of these days, but until then Sarawak and Australia are just exercising their rights over immigration matters.   Malaysian democracy activist refused entrySeptember 27, 2013Lindsay MurdochSouth-East Asia correspondent for Fairfax Media The Abbott government has banned […]

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More Scandal of Sarawak Report…as reported by the Malay Messenger!

May 21, 2013


Seems that last week the Malay Messenger website published another revelation (below). It’s quite lengthy. And it’s quite similar in style to the PKR-funded (and DAP-funded as well?) Sarawak Report blog but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.   Kuala Lumpur – 13th May 2013 MALAY MESSENGER UPDATE: CLARE REWCASTLE BROWN TRAPS HERSELF Since I started […]

Sarawak Report “hacked”? Really?

May 17, 2013


The Malay Messenger is suspicious of Clare Rewcastle Brown’s latest claim that her PKR-funded (or DAP-funded?) website has been hacked. Why so? Read on:   SARAWAK REPORT IS “HACKED” OFFLINE Kuala Lumpur – 9th May 2013 THE FORGER So Clare Rewcastle Brown (Editor of Sarawak Report) says she has been “hacked” – why so? What […]

Sarawakians in the new Malaysian Federal Cabinet (May 15th, 2013)

May 15, 2013


Here’s the list of Ministers from Sarawak in the Federal Cabinet announced by Prime Minister YAB Datuk Patinggi Najib Tun Razak today: 1) of Works: YB Datuk Fadillah Yusof 2) Minister of Human Resource: YB Datuk Richard Riot 3) Minister of Women, Family and Community Development: YB Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim 4) Minister of Plantation Industries […]

Are Foreign NGOs Really Fighting for Sarawak?

May 13, 2013


Over the weekend, I learned about a website that’s highlighted issues on Malaysia’s 13th General Election and also covered recent stories and events about the country. The website belongs to an organization called Centre for Research on Globalization that’s based in Canada. I found an article on the website titled Foreign NGOs and Malaysia’s Logging […]

Radio Free Sarawak mysteriously stops broadcast…after Sarawak Report Scandal?

May 9, 2013


It is very strange. Mysterious, in fact. Why would Radio Free Sarawak (RFS), a radio station that has just recently won an international media award, suddenly decide to stop its broadcasts? The only explanation offered on its website (dated May 7, 2013) was: “p/s Today’s show will be our last. We will be taking a […]