Radio Free Sarawak mysteriously stops broadcast…after Sarawak Report Scandal?

Posted on May 9, 2013


It is very strange. Mysterious, in fact.

Why would Radio Free Sarawak (RFS), a radio station that has just recently won an international media award, suddenly decide to stop its broadcasts?

The only explanation offered on its website (dated May 7, 2013) was:

p/s Today’s show will be our last. We will be taking a break until further notice. Thank you for your support. It will be a memorable 18 months! We hope you had enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

(* Not too sure what the “It will be a memorable 18 months!” reference is about, though.)

Is it a coincidence that the award-winning radio station (that is in essence the mouthpiece of PKR and Sarawak Report) is being taken off the air just as revelations about Sarawak Report’s shady agenda and dodgy methods of using bank account hackers and document forgers was revealed last week by the website Malay Messenger?

Could it be that perhaps it’s because fugitive Cullen Johnson, who is now in the hands of US enforcement agencies, has spilled the beans on his dealings with Sarawak Report and other clients, and this has caused RFS to get off the air?

Malay Messenger seems to think George Soros is in on the action, as well. Could this have caused the demise of RFS or forced it to “take a break until further notice”?

I do have to give credit to RFS though, as it could have easily blamed the Sarawak government for its decision. 

Instead, it decided to say “OH, BY THE WAY, WE’RE NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE. KTHXBYE.”

After more than two years of spreading the PKR agenda on the radio waves, I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.

Actually, RFS’ actions of disguising its political agenda as an act of freeing Sarawak just makes me sick.

I’m just glad the original ‘Papa Orang Utan’ (original deejay for RFS) managed to give us a glimpse of how RFS and Sarawak Report operate.

Remember the saga of the “disappearance/kidnapping of Papa Orang Utan”?

Turns out Papa Orang Utan just wanted to go AWOL for the local festive season.

But did Sarawak Report report it that way? Of course not. It became a whole drama series, with Sarawak’s PKR personalities involved unwittingly in the idiotic plot to save the deejay from secret police and not-so-secret police. What a joke!

For those of you who haven’t read the Malay Messenger’s message on Sarawak Report (which may or may not have caused RFS to stop its operations) you can get a glimpse of it below or in my earlier postings or just go to




Kuala Lumpur – 30th April 2013 (Continued)


“In the U.S., they’ll do a minimum of five years,” he said. “Here they’d go to Beaver Creek [minimum-security institution], get a new set of golf clubs, join a hot yoga class and get the Order of Canada when they get out.

“If they co-operate in the U.S., it’s five [years behind bars], if they don’t, it’s 15 years.”

What these global news sources don’t know is that when Cullen was taken in chains to a secure penitentiary in Virginia, copies of his customer exchanges are are out there. So while he is sweating away trying to reduce the charges against him in the US and Canada for fraud and forgery, we can show you what he has been doing out here. I realise that releasing this data now will re-focus the US and Canadian authorities on Malaysia. Sorry guys. A happy few years ahead for all our politicians and activists who used and directed his services. I wonder whether he will save time and just tell it all the FBI?

There is a simple set of questions you should put to SARAWAK REPORT today, asking for a public response. It’s only fair: Please help them by directing them to this site for easy reference. But take a copy of it first, I think their activists will try to block me.

What is your association with Cullen Johnson?

You knew when you dealt with him that he was a fugitive from justice?

Is it not the case that your funding for this campaign came from George Soros, via suitable cut outs? [oh, and just to be clear, that means that you, Malaysiakini, Suaram and Global Witness all share a common financial directive I know the government press says this, but it IS true, isn’t it]?.



The entire focus of your campaign has been the removal of the long-standing regimes in Sarawak and Sabah. What will emerge is the common factor is OIL, and the fact that new oil finds ONSHORE fall outside the existing Malaysia/ East Malaysia agreements. Your supporters need a new regime in place, and VERY SOON. That’s why “green” about forest exploitation campaigns have been around for decades, but never funded and directed like yours. Hence your increasing focus on Sabah, and now on oil and local oil tycoons in the runup to the elections.

With your facilitation, Johnson hacked and then forged bank accounts that were submitted in divorce court evidence to portray al-Bekir [Taib] as fabulously wealthy. Do you deny this? Is this perjury, by the way, and conspiracy? Please ask your lawyer. Oh, and what about the defamation bills each time we useful idiots repeated and repeated on your global networks data we knew was false. That is going to be ugly…. I don’t know how rich the Taibs are, but I suspect they are very rich, and can afford a hungry lawyer… and if I get sued by that lot, I will sue you for knowingly passing me lies…

Junior Taib’s [a Junior Termite?] ex-wife co-operated with all of this, including setting Johnson the task of hacking her own, schoolboy son’s bank account as a test. You were involved in advising and pressurising her? True or false.

You co-ordinated Cullen Johnson, with JOHN RAJOO, an investigator in KL and Dr Rajie, who is not only Anwar Ibrahim/’s in-law [and you so love family connections, Clare, don’t you?] You all know that you were commissioning a serious set of criminal acts, both hacking and forgery.



OK: Dear reader, you have seen this, you have written a request for answers to Sarawak Report, and you are STILL wondering whether this is another cheap BN election scam, or something paid for by the Taibs? I don’t blame you. There is enough crap flying around this week…

Now read this below: It will convince most people: but it will terrify the conspirators. They will see themselves.. and you can ask them to confirm or deny….

They don’t know how much more will come out from the FBI and the Canada police. [Qwxtar is Cullen, sometimes known as Frank.]

28-01-2012,07:34:34 PM | Clare Rewcastle Brown>>qwxtar | Did not yet get to communicate with John R yet, but sure we can proceed for now

28-01-2012,07:58:58 PM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | oh dear

28-01-2012,07:58:58 PM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | do you want to try and contact?

28-01-2012,08:00:00 PM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | you there?

03-02-2012,04:02:02 AM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | Hi Clare. Just spoke with John. He will be speaking with Mrs. Taib and her lawyer to resolve your ability to access the financial intelligence information we are and will be providing. John was careful to underscore once again how at risk communications are in his country and again asked to remind you to obtain a Hushmail address as it is one of the onlyl platforms that automatically encrypts email. Also, that you use Skype for all verbal and text/SMS messaging. He hopes to obtain some additional data that we need today so that we can – hopefully – obtain information in relation to her son’s account in the U.K. over the weekend. Anyway, that’s about it for now. I will update you as I can. John said that he will call you and advise whatever decision is made regarding release of information to you. BR, Frank

03-02-2012,03:09:09 PM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | Yes thank you for this. It looks as if I should pend for a few days while you get your side of things together. I can open hushmail, although think skype will be ok for now – he has added me.

03-02-2012,03:18:18 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | Roger. I still have heard nothing further to this point.Apparently there is another two day holiday in Malaysia this coming Monday and Tuesday which tend to intefere with the progress of things. John indicated that he would be working through the weekend and the holidays however so perhaps matters will still move forward.That country seems to have more holidays than Panama has Carnivales! BTW, regarding HM there is no cost to HM and no requirement to identify yourself when you register. Encrption is automatic between HM users.

07-02-2012,06:44:44 PM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | was not completely clear on your text yesterday. Are the sources concerned to go further on their researches or is it just a question of awaiting confirmation from Mrs T? I think the non-Malay deposits are by far the most effective in terms of putting wider pressure on the situation….

07-02-2012,06:54:54 PM | qwxtar>>Clare Rewcastle Brown | They are concerned about Mrs. Taib’s safety as they have detected monitoring in relation to even her son’s account(s) in the U.K. Although they could proceed, they will not do so without obtaining the son’s address, account and institution information from Mrs. Taib. Having this specific information greatly reduces the number of enquires they must make and lessens the risk for both Mrs. Taib and their secondary and tertiary sources. This caution is not necessary for the vast majority of other cases. We are hopeful that John will be able to contact and obtain this information from Mrs. Taib once the latest Malaysian holiday is over later today. John does not feel she is being obstructive, just that the holiday has interfered with his ability to contact her.

10-02-2012,03:05:05 AM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | Caught up with your texts after two long days sorry. Are you trying to excise the sons accounts from the fathers? All at least one step removed from any involvement on my part of course and I dont pretend to know what you are really working on, but very happy to meet with Mrs T. I think on some levels I could help on a broader front and possibly reassure her and maybe, if necessary, put out some feelers here, if she has been suddenly and dangerously excluded from her former establishment. I cant promise to be able to help, but i could try and we would do well to talk things over. Perhaps all of us. And one thought was that maybe here in the uK would be the safest place – otherwise, can do the HK option. No problem for me, as i have to travel anyway.

10-02-2012,03:59:59 AM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | Hi Clare. We are trying to avoid triggering any trip wires as far as both the more senior and the more junior Taib (Mrs. Taib’s ex) are concerned. And yes, we are trying to identify Mrs. Taib’s son’s accounts in the U.K. without, equally, setting off any alarms or built in security notifications to either or both of the more senior and junior Taibs. Mrs. Taib does not appear to understand the negative implications or the risks of her failure to co-operate with respect to the provision of address, account number and institution information in her case which is wildly different from any other asset case we have ever encountered. Our sources recognize that both the senior and junior Taibs are very dangerous and our secondary and tertiary banking sources have grave concerns about their own personal safety worldwide. Anyway, yes a meeting would probably be a positive thing and having it in the U.K. would probably be the best decision. We will help in any way we can.

10-02-2012,05:10:10 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | FYI, we have been advised of the Postal Code in the U.K. for Mrs. Taib’s son. It is SN8 4HW in the area of Marlborough, Wiltshire.

10-02-2012,08:35:35 PM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | he probably goes to Malbrough School. 2nd rank, takes those sort of kids

10-02-2012,08:42:42 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | Thanks for the informaton. By the phrase, ‘those sort of kids’, do you mean the children of the wealthy?

11-02-2012,03:16:16 AM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | Yes, but not so clever.

11-02-2012,03:17:17 AM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | Quite clever, but not very clever…. and some stupid billionaires of course

11-02-2012,03:21:21 AM | Clare Rewcastle Brown>>qwxtar | Do keep me posted on how you manage to progress these matters. I do think a meeting might be a good idea to make things start moving a bit. Better here, but able to do HK.

11-02-2012,03:07:07 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | Spoke with John Saturday morning his time yesterday. When he mentioned the name of the school to Mrs. Taib it was clear from her reaction that we had hit the sweet spot and she then told John that she was very keen to further investigate/open all 111 personal accounts that have so far been identified and to obtain as many hard-copies of Swift wires,drafts, bank statements and other account application file material as possible. I am to provide John/Mrs. T. with a comprehensive quote with respect to the account openings and other things although, as I said to John, it is better that we open all of the accounts to obtain particulars before we tackle the job of obtaining support documentation, something that is an expensive and time consuming task. During this account opening process we will likely find that several of the 111 identified accounts have been closed. (Clearinghouse records often contain dated entries that do not always reflect current reality.) Anyway, we expect to move forward with the investigation early next week once wire co-ordinates have been provided to John and funds received.

11-02-2012,05:29:29 PM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | Have you discussed with her about meeting with me? I got the impression that you had. If so, has she indicated HK or UK?

11-02-2012,05:40:40 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | I have not spoken with Mrs. T. personally for about 10 days. John mentioned to me that you had indicated a willingness to meet with Mrs. T and her lawyer in Singapore and he suggested that that location would not be wise, that Hong Kong or, better, the U.K. would be a more secure location. I believe, however, that she wants to meet with you, wherever,

11-02-2012,05:45:45 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | Roger. I will let John know and ask him to facilitate things with Mrs. T if you wish (unless you would rather do this yourself). Is there any time/week/day(s) that would work (best) for you?

13-02-2012,08:36:36 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | Hi Clare. Just spoke with John Ragoo. He will be meeting with Mrs. T’s lawyer tomorrow about noon his time and, inter alia, will be providing the lawyer – Dr. Rafie – with your contact particulars and he will be contacting you directly to see whether a meeting in Hong Kong at the end of the week is possible. He and Mrs. T. are anxious to meet with you. John advises that the lawyer is also involved in a matter involving Mr. Taib senior. I am not aware of the details of that case. I will keep you abreast of developments.

14-02-2012,12:23:23 AM | clarerewcastle>>qwxtar | Well – I am here. Free to move at the end of the week. There are a lot of things coming together at the moment. So have a strong feeling that open discussion with Mrs T is the key to going forward. In the end we have to trust each other.

14-02-2012,06:46:46 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | Hi Clare. Just spoke with John Ragoo. He has had discussions with the lawyers and all are suggesting a meeting with you in the U.K. on or about March 19th. Attending would be John, Dr. Rafie, another lawyer and Mrs. T. Apparently you have already met with Dr. Rafie’s son, also a lawyer, in relation to some past matter. Anyway, it looks like the end of this week will not work from what I’m hearing and that March 19th is the proposal.

14-02-2012,07:01:01 PM | qwxtar>>clarerewcastle | BTW, when I was provided your contact information, it was given to me in conjunction with the contact co-ordinates for Bruno Manser Fonds in Switzerland. Is that an orgainzation to which you are affilitated or through which you can alternatively be contacted? I checked the website for this organization and did not see any reference to you there.