Sarawak Report “hacked”? Really?

Posted on May 17, 2013


The Malay Messenger is suspicious of Clare Rewcastle Brown’s latest claim that her PKR-funded (or DAP-funded?) website has been hacked. Why so? Read on:



Kuala Lumpur – 9th May 2013

So Clare Rewcastle Brown (Editor of Sarawak Report) says she has been “hacked” – why so? What evidence? None.

The Messenger has Insider who has passed limited information and other information sent from Canada to support claims of her criminal conspiracy with disgraced Canadian private eye Cullen Johnson and his associate John Ragoo.

It is to be expected that Clare Rewcastle Brown denies her involvement in criminal conspiracy and blame others. It is to be expected that Clare Rewcastle Brown alleges wrong doing against those who seek to expose her. It is to be expected that Clare Rewcastle Brown tries to create a smokescreen to divert attention from her activities. You would too if you were involved in a crime and were caught red handed.

The Malay Messenger is receiving additional information from our Insider and other sources and will reveal this information in the next few days.

Let Clare Rewcastle Brown deny and allege manipulation – you can’t hide from the truth, it will eventually come out. If any of the allegations made by Clare Rewcastle Brown or her denials are untrue does that mean everything she says is a lie?