Sarawak Report unravelled?

Posted on May 6, 2013


Here’s an earlier report on Sarawak Report’s activities originally from the website Malay Messenger which can be found at Sarawak Report – How Much More is There?.

Sarawak Report – How Much More Is There?

Kuala Lumpur – 29th April 2013


The Malay Messenger was told late last night by a source in Toronto, Canada that the private eye, who with Clare Rewcastle Brown (sister in law of Gordon Brown, former PM of UK) conspired to hack into private bank accounts, a criminal offence, is Cullen Johnson.

Now it gets even more interesting, for Cullen Johnson a former Toronto police officer and his wife Elaine White ran detective agencies called Internal Affairs and Occipital. As he and Clare Rewcastle Brown conspired together, he, Cullen Johnson was a wanted man having fled to the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2010 to avoid arrest for a substantial fraud on an international warrant issued in Canada.

The Malay Messenger has been told that the Canadian authorities have seized documents, including payment trails concerning all of the people Johnson worked with and for…Another detective, Terry Grontis, co-accused with Johnson and White, is in a Greek jail awaiting extradition to Canada.

The Malay Messenger has also learned that just a few weeks ago Cullen Johnson was extradited from the Turks and Caicos to the US and is in jail in Virginia charged with fraud, he is expected to cooperate with US investigators to reduce his potential sentence. The Canadian authorities will wait until the US has completed its enquiry.

It is understood that details of the alleged conspiracy between Cullen Johnson and Clare Rewcastle Brown are being passed to the Canadian and US authorities.

Cullen Johnson has also made a number of unsubstantiated and false accusations (sound familiar?) against various people through his website,

We at the Malay Messenger can only begin to wonder how wide this net will be cast, what those at Sarawak Report have really been doing under the sham of “exposing corruption” and which of their political friends has benefited. We are sure more will be revealed…….

24th April 2013 – Kuala Lumpur.

We are beginning to hear the rumblings of discontent from within the “organisation” of SARAWAK REPORT.

Our insider tells the Malay Messenger that founder Clare Rewcastle Brown has non-stated agendas and that many of her local staff are beginning to feel disappointed by her hypocrisy and self-dealing.

1. The Insider reveals that Clare Rewcastle Brown is suggesting that oil exploration and exploitation opportunities will be made available to those that provide support to assist ‘the opposition’ in Sarawak, the earlier this financial assistance or other support is committed the bigger the potential rewards. Gratitude is repaid in many ways

2. The Malay Messenger is told by the Insiders that Clare Rewcastle Brown is a close advisor to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, any pretense that her campaign is independent, objective or non partisan is exposed as questionable as she receives and provides very regular briefings and instructions from him and his daughter.

3. The Insider suggests that Clare Rewcastle Brown may be seeking to seek advantage for herself and others by suggesting that oil exploration concessions may be made available to those that provide Anwar Ibrahim support or funding for purchasing votes.

4. The Malay Messenger is told that oil concession opportunities were discussed with a very prominent former UK politician, Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK and brother in law of Clare Rewcastle Brown. Our insider believes Gordon Brown has offered advice and help to assist in coordinating the PKR opposition campaign in return.

5. Our Insider tells Malay Messenger that a number of supporters of Sarawak Report feel betrayed by the self interest and double standards of Clare Rewcastle Brown and that her claims for transparency are for public consumption only; she advocates ‘money politics’ and bribing election monitoring officials on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim’s rainbow coalition,

6. As further examples, our Insider reports that members of Clare Rewcastle Brown’s have voiced concerns at her tactics, her willingness to recruited a private eye, from Canada, to illegally access bank accounts and personal records of some of her purported target. Rewcastle Brown knows what she was requesting is illegal, immoral and unethical.

7. Our Insider tells us that a highly secret “whistleblower”, who having spent months covertly transferring information and illegally obtained and stolen documents to Clare Rewcastle Brown, The Bruno Manser Fund and Swiss Prosecutors asked for complete and total anonymity in return for his cooperation.

8. Our Insider tells us that Clare Rewcastle Brown promised confidentiality for his cooperation yet was ‘selling’ his cooperation to investors and supporters leaving the poor guy exposed.

9. Our Insider tells the Malay Messenger that Lo Man Heng is the secret, cooperating witness that Clare bragged about internally and to her supporters, regarding the Chief Minister Musa of Sabah.

10. Our Insider is dismayed at how casually Clare Rewcastle Brown treats her causes, picking her own version of the truth to suit the story or situation; having little, or no regard for those who risk themselves to provide cooperation to her, even whilst she gives false reassurance telling them they are protected. Protected until it suits Clare Rewcastle Brown’s agenda to expose them to suit her agenda.

We are promised more information so keep checking back and blogging.