Are Foreign NGOs Really Fighting for Sarawak?

Posted on May 13, 2013


Over the weekend, I learned about a website that’s highlighted issues on Malaysia’s 13th General Election and also covered recent stories and events about the country.

The website belongs to an organization called Centre for Research on Globalization that’s based in Canada.

I found an article on the website titled Foreign NGOs and Malaysia’s Logging Scandal to be of particular interest as it touches on the topic of Sarawak’s “friends”, in this case ‘Bruno Manser Fund’ and of course the ever-popular PKR vehicle ‘Sarawak Report’.

Below are excerpts from the article (originally published in September 2012) that I found to be quite eye-opening. For me, anyway.

Eye-opening in a scary sort of way, because we’re talking about our nation’s sovereignty, security and stability being compromised.

Take a quick read and if you’re hooked, look up the Global Research website here.


Upon visiting the website of Swiss-based NGO, the Bruno Manser Fund, one finds it quite curious that the organization has not provided its financial statements or a list of its sponsors, which it states are “private individuals, foundations and selected businesses” – ironic for an organization set on exposing environmental institutions that lack transparency.

Upon visiting the website’s news portal, the organization’s status as a “rainforest advocacy group” is most curious, as it clearly endorses non-environmental campaigns such as Ambiga Sreenevasan’s Bersih Movement – in addition to “condemning” the trial of political opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Additionally, the site links to Malaysiakini, the nation’s most pro-opposition political news website, an annual recipient of $100,000 (RM 317,260) from the US-based National Endowment for Democracy, funded by the United States Government.

As Malaysia approaches an upcoming general election, political mud slinging as become a component in every issue, with each side attempting to use any opportunity to discredit each other.

Sarawak Report and its affiliate Radio Free Sarawak are dissident media outlets based in the United Kingdom founded by British investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown, and are openly hostile to the Barisan Nasional-led state governments of Sabah & Sarawak.

Brown has demonstrated a clear bias by negligently exaggerating various claims, alluding to isolated incidents of timber workers raping tribal women, which Brown outrageously insinuates is the systematic policy of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government.

It is some measure of folly that while Clare Rewcastle Brown and her organization focus on discrediting leadership in Malaysia, her own brother-in-law, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, partnered with the United States’ to invade and occupy Iraq at the expense of over a million of civilian lives.