Let’s keep our focus on Sabah

Posted on March 12, 2013


It’s been quite a while now since Malaysians first heard the news about members of our armed forces being killed by terrorists in Sabah (Read The Star Online report Lahad Datu: PM confirms two commandos killed; regrets bloodshed).

When I say “quite a while”, I mean it’s been just over a week.

Sadly, it seems that our attention span is beginning to drift towards the more mundane issues and further away from the shores of north Borneo.

It’s clear as day…in our postings and tweets on social media…it all seems to suggest that we’re less concerned with what day of Ops Daulat we’re on now, and more interested in stories of political intrigue or photos of kittens yet again.

Our neighbors in the Philippines though are still very much engrossed in the conflict, and allegations in their media and online about the ruthlessness of our armed forces in Ops Daulat and how the Filipino community in Sabah is being mistreated by security forces, are frustrating to read, to say the least.

(Read The Star Online report Zahid Hamidi: Filipinos in Sabah not mistreated)

That’s why I think our Malaysian media can’t let up in reporting on our nation’s crisis in Sabah, just as our armed forces are putting their lives on the line each and every day to defend our sovereign borders.

On our part, let’s keep Sabah in our prayers and in our hearts until peace and security is fully restored for our brothers and sisters there.

So, let’s keep those positive posts and tweets going to support our people’s efforts in Sabah.

And to members of our security forces…the pride of the nation…Thank You!