Press Release from RFS says Peter John Jaban is moving around freely in Miri!

Posted on June 2, 2012


I can’t believe all the fuss that we made about that guy!

Peter John Jaban, I mean.

Apparently, he’s been moving freely in Miri all this time…while we’ve been freely coming up with elaborate theories about where he’s been after being “whisked away” by three mysterious men.

Today, his foreign paymasters at Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) have finally come up with a press statement (which came out in foreign-funded opposition blog Sarawak Report) saying that “he decided to hide himself voluntarily”.

In other words… just another Gawai Dayak for Peter John Jaban!

Just because the guy decided to go under the radar, the foreigners started this whole campaign about him being abducted and how the poor guy can’t enjoy Gawai because he’s apparently scared of the police.

If he was so scared and things are so bad here in Sarawak, he wouldn’t even have come back in the first place, would he? And what’s with reports about him moving around freely in Miri? Is that what a “frightened” man would do?

All this while, Peter John Jaban’s employers at the foreign-funded radio station have also milked the episode to gain maximum publicity for itself and its cause. At first, I couldn’t believe how fast the news reached news sources and blogs in West Malaysia and beyond…about the “mysterious disappearance of dissident deejay”.

Let’s just say they had a field day describing how oppressive this beloved State of ours is. I especially liked one online news source that said he was taken away by the “Sarawak Gestapo”. Nice one! Sadly, no such thing exists here…so for the guy who wrote that: Get your facts straight, you idiot!

So if all this drama was meant to create publicity…I can confirm that it worked. But now that everyone thinks that the worst that happened to the deejay was probably a tuak-induced hangover, it will be fun to see how they spin the story and do damage control on their beloved deejay’s wild ways.


Press Release from Radio Free Sarawak on Peter John Jaban:

June 2nd, 2012

“Radio Free Sarawak wishes to update listeners that is has yet to receive direct or indirect contact from its presenter Peter John Jaban.

However, there has been some news that he has been present in Miri over the past two days and he appears to be moving freely.

This is encouraging information and we are currently concluding, therefore, that he decided to hide himself voluntarily after being frightened by questioning at KK airport and being led to understand that he would be wanted for further questioning by Special Branch when he got to Sarawak.

The police in Miri have announced that they have received no instructions to detain him. However, they are now looking for him, because of the concern over his confusing disappearance after he left the car of the friend who picked him up from the airport.

We are concerned for Peter, who has health issues and who is also clearly frightened because of the threats that have been made about his role at the Radio Station.

However, we are no longer concerned about his immediate safety or that he might be under detention.

We will update on further information and thank the very many supporters in Sarawak and beyond for their concern about Peter, who has taken a great deal of strain since taking up the challenge of working on Radio Free Sarawak”