Peter John Jaban played hide-and-seek this Gawai?

Posted on June 2, 2012


Where is Peter John Jaban?

Where is the deejay who several foreign blogs and news sources have said has been “kidnapped” by the “Sarawak Gestapo”?

Where is the deejay who is supposedly “a dissident who can disappear just like that” in our beloved State of Sarawak?

Well, it’s day two now…but we still don’t know, actually!

But, apparently he’s OK…because the foreign-funded internet radio station that he works for has said it’s no longer worried about him.

Anyway, wasn’t the last person to see him that politician, PKR Miri branch chairman Dr Michael Teo?

Why hasn’t anyone asked him about the people who whisked the deejay away or even what kind of car they were driving or the licence plate of the car that the deejay was whisked away in?

Anyway, we wish the deejay well and hope his hangover is not as bad as I had hoped so that he can call someone to say he’s OK.

Go home Papa Orang Utan. Go home.



How The Star reported it this afternoon:

Radio Free Sarawak: Jaban is hiding voluntarily

June 2, 2012

KUCHING: Radio station Radio Free Sarawak appears to be distancing itself from controversial announcer Peter John Jaban who disappeared in Miri moments after arriving last Thursday.

“We are no longer concerned about his immediate safety or that he might be under detention,” said a statement from Radio Free Sarawak on Saturday morning.

“There has been some news that he has been present in Miri over the past few days and he appears to be moving freely. This is encouraging information and we are concluding, therefore, that he decided to hide himself voluntarily after being frightened by questioning at Kota Kinabalu International Airport.”

The statement said it was understandable that Jaban, 48, was worried of further questioning by the police upon entering Sarawak.

According to the account of those behind the radio station – which appears to be staffed by Sarawakians and foreigners – Jaban decided to return to Sarawak early this week to celebrate Gawai with his family.

He had landed at Kota Kinabalu (it has not been made public where John was coming from) and claimed that police officers questioned and photographed him.

This version of what transpired included Jaban informing his Radio Free Sarawak colleagues that the police told him at Kota Kinabalu that he would be arrested at Miri Airport.

The information was being conveyed to media organisations on Thursday morning via calls to bureau offices and also via social networks like Facebook.

Reporters were at Miri Airport when Jaban arrived, who appeared gaunt and tired.

Also there were Opposition personnel, including DAP’s Alan Ling, Piasau assemblyman, and PKR Miri branch chairman Dr Michael Teo.

The trio were photographed together and left the airport in a car going to Dr Teo’s clinic when they were supposedly stopped by another car. Jaban then apparently exited Dr Teo’s car with his bags and entered the car in front of them.

There was no report of any struggle, while the Miri police chief ACP Mun Kock Keong has repeatedly assured the public there was no arrest warrant out for Jaban.


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