Can you feel the election heat, yet?

Posted on February 16, 2012


It feels like only yesterday that we had our State Election, doesn’t it?

Right now, I can feel another one coming soon, our 13th Malaysian General Elections, even though we don’t actually have to hold it until next year.

(For my thoughts on election dates, please refer to my post Date for the 13th Malaysian General Election)

Whatever the date or month or year chosen, I can’t help but feel that in Sarawak at least, the opposition is starting to get in the election momentum, as seen in some of the activities that I’ve observed recently.

For starters, the opposition’s network of foreign collaborators – who basically don’t need a lot of motivation to blast Sarawak and the current administration at every turn – have increased their efforts in recent weeks, after their hectic efforts in the State Election last year, which eventually saw BN win with more than a two-thirds majority.

You can easily find the propaganda of the opposition’s “foreign legion” (those non-Sarawakians) online and I have to admit their work is pretty slick, and it won’t be easy for BN to match their communication-savvy and tech-savvy…more so against the foreigners, who have never set foot in our beloved State.

In the coming weeks and months,  I expect the criticism towards Sarawak and our democratically-elected State Government will escalate and our social media networks will be filled with politically-charged messages. Expect to see more back-and-forth arguments from both sides online, and lot’s of it too!

So let’s all look forward to the exciting and entertaining race known as the Amazing GE13…coming to you sooner than you think, courtesy of the online media campaigning machines.