Brazen murder in Gangsta’s Paradise Sibu!

Posted on January 11, 2012


Last week, we were mortified by the Quadruple Murders in Sibu.

This morning, we are again shocked to hear that another murder has happened in Foochow town.

In this case, the people of Sibu are worried more about the nature of the act, which was carried out in broad daylight and in a very public place.

Not much is known about the killer/s or victims in today’s shooting, but the rumour mill in Sibu is saying this is pure gangland business going on.

According to the latest post from crime-wave-detecting-blog Sarawak Update titled Businessman Shot Dead, the victim, Lau Leh Hing of Jalan Salim, was shot multiple times at about 10.30am, just as he was about to enter a shop selling safes at Brooke Drive.

The Borneo Post Online, which seems to be coming on to the “crime and breaking-news scene” much faster nowadays, explained in the article Another Sibu businessman murdered Latest! that it was believed that a man, who exited a vehicle parked at the main road, was responsible for the shooting.

For now, the gangstas may be content to shoot themselves up…but how long will it take for them to start aiming their weapons at innocent members of the public? At me? At you?!

Nobody wants to hear stories of people getting killed by stray bullets (or worse) just as they are enjoying their kampua mee!

For now, we have to leave it to the police to calm us down and to find the killers fast…and more importantly to provide us with peace of mind.


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