Sibu Quadruple Murder victims in our thoughts…

Posted on January 4, 2012


After writing in my previous post about the Sibu Quadruple Murders, I couldn’t stop thinking about the surviving member of the family, 8-year old Kelvin Ling, and whether he made it through the night, last night.

So going through facebook, I found a photo of the little guy, and got a bit emotional when I saw him, in happier days with his family members, who have been brutally killed by heartless monsters.

I have other better words to describe the killers but I prefer not to type it out.

After looking at the faces of the children, there are also many things that I wish I could do to the killers, but those things also I prefer not to mention.

It’s really hard to imagine someone could do harm to these defenseless children.

Now, just imagine if they were your children.

As in my previous post, my prayers and thoughts are with Kelvin and hope that he will make a full recovery.

Kelvin (in front) during happier times with his brother David and sister Amy and step-mother Li Xiao Lan. 10-year old David and 7-year old Amy were brutally killed in their home, along with their father and grandmother on the morning of January 3. (sourced from Facebook)


Another photo of Kelvin, this time with his murdered father Ling Tong Hock and sister Amy. (sourced from Facebook)

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