Sibu quadruple murders – does it mean town’s still Sarawak’s gangsters’ paradise?

Posted on January 3, 2012


This morning, in the town of Sibu, four members of a family were found brutally murdered in their house, while as I write this, another member of the family fights for his life in Sibu hospital.

There was more than one killer, who entered the victims’ house early this morning, and they were believed to have used weapons both sharp and blunt to carry out their cold-blooded attack on this family.

When they finished; a 36-year old businessman (Ling Tong Hock) is now dead; his 76-year old mother (Leong Nyuk Lan) is now dead; his 10-year old son (David Ling) is now dead; his 7-year old daughter (Amy Ling) is now dead; and his 8-year old son (Kelvin Ling), who miraculously survived the attacks, now lies in the Intensive Care Unit.

The businessman’s wife (not the mother of his children) escaped through an upstairs window and hid from the attackers, and she is now with the police to aid in the investigations.

It’s very unnerving to know that people, who can kill children and old people might still be walking freely among us.

Whatever the motives the murderers had, I just cannot comprehend how they could take the life of a seven year old girl.

Imagine…tomorrow she would have started her first day in primary school.

As for her brother, if he survives from his injuries, he will find out that he has lost nearly his entire family in just one day.

For the rest of the surviving family members, let us all say a little prayer for them tonight as they try to make sense of this tragedy.

We want justice to be served on those responsible for this crime and all we can do now is hope that the police will be able to capture the heartless ANIMALS that committed the killings!

Capturing the killers will at least put the minds of Sibu people at ease…at least a little bit.

Sibu deserves better than to be associated with such acts of violence, especially as progress seems to have been made to curb gangsterism in this Foochow town, in the last few years.

For now though, let our prayers and thoughts be with that little boy in Sibu Hospital’s ICU.

Let’s pray little Kelvin makes it through the night and achieves a full recovery.

How The Borneo Post posted it:

Police detain China national in quadruple murder case latest!

Posted on January 3, 2012, Tuesday

SIBU: Police have detained a China national to assist in the investigation of a quadruple murder case here.
Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail confirmed that the woman was detained at 5.30pm.
Ling Tong Hock, a 36-year-old businessman; his mother Leong Nyuk Lan (76); and his two children Amy (7) and David (10); were brutally murdered at their Lane 13B1, RTM Road home about 7am today.
A third child, Kelvin (8), suffered severe head injuries and is in critical condition at the Sibu Hospital intensive care unit (ICU).
The woman identified as Li Xiao Lan, 28, is believed to be Ling’s wife, although the legality of their marriage could not be verified.
She is not the mother of Ling’s children.
Police believe the family was attacked with both blunt and sharp objects by more than one person.
Sarawak police deputy commissioner Datuk Law Heng Soon said Li had fled unharmed through a window to a neighbour’s house after she heard a commotion downstairs and some people trying to kick down the bedroom door of the house.
He appealed to eyewitnesses to come forward to help the police.
Law also asked the media not to make any speculation which could hamper the investigation.

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