Good luck to SUPP! Good luck to your TDC! Good luck to your transformation!

Posted on December 10, 2011


My barber is old school and he’s an old timer.

You enter his shop for good service and also a good conversation.

Since sometimes he has a blade pointing at your jugular and determines the appearance of your head for the next few weeks, he usually has the last word in these good conversations.

Last week, I had me some of that good conversation (and haircut and shave and ear-cleaning).

The topic came up to SUPP and the party TDC of course, since he was a member of Kuching’s Chinese community and SUPP is considered the Chinese voice in the Barisan Nasional coalition, he became worryingly emotional for a few minutes.

He said he didn’t know who to believe or trust, among the two contenders for the top post.

He asked me why are so many people fighting to become the skipper of an express boat that is so damaged and past its prime?

He asked me why aren’t these people fighting about how to save this express boat before it sinks to the bottom of the river?

He even told me that he’s been a loyal party member of SUPP for decades and he believes a lot of the grassroots of his generation feel the same way too.

And all this while I thought he was a DAP supporter! Fancy that.

Then he pointed out to me something that I’ve never even thought of before: “When will SUPP realize that in terms of members, SUPP is so far ahead of DAP, and that all these members are just waiting to be mobilized and energized?”

“Who are all these people supporting DAP, they’re not members! If DAP wanted to mobilize ‘members’, you think it’s easy? I just don’t understand why SUPP has forgotten this.”

Words of a frustrated man.

Fortunately for me, being the pro that my barber is, my haircut and shave that day was as good as usual.

My barber will not have the opportunity to vote for his party’s leadership this weekend.

But I hope those delegates that do have the vote, will vote wisely and vote for the sake of the party and for the sake of Sarawak’s future.

Good luck to you all!