PPP wants 14 state and 6 parliamentary seats in next polls!

Posted on October 22, 2011


Before you shout and scream about PPP president Kayveas’ request for seats to contest…please bear in mind that he’s not talking about seats in Sarawak.

So calm down.

He’s just talking about seats that the party lost in the 2008 General Elections.

Oh…and also the seats that were taken from PPP by BN component(s) that the party lost in past General Elections.

He wants those back too.

Apparently PPP were given two seats (that’s right, TWO!) in ’08 and lost both.

The PPP president lost the Taiping Parliamentary seat in Perak that BN gave to him while his colleague lost the Pasir Bedamar State seat (also in Perak).

Apparently, the PPP president, at a press conference yesterday, requested for the seats to be “returned” to the party.

He explained that the seats were “taken” away by the other BN component(s) in the past as BN wasn’t confident that PPP could win back those lost seats allocated to the party.

Now, the PPP president asserts that since those components can’t win either, BN might as well give PPP back those seats.

Well, that’s the PPP logic behind the request, anyway.

Normally, I wouldn’t give a damn about all this drama happening in Malaya.

But somehow I took this episode a bit personally because PPP is a party that had the audacity to come here to Sarawak to say it wants to spread its wings to “help” BN Sarawak.

But hey, that’s just me.

Go ahead…I hope you get your wish of getting to stand in all the 14 state and six parliamentary seats you wish for (in Malaya) in the next GE.

As for Sarawak politics, just forget about it for now, OK…Please-lah!

According to BERNAMA:

PPP Seeking More Seats In Next General Elections, Says Kayveas

October 21, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR — The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is asking for 14 state and six Parliamentary seats in upcoming 13th General Elections (GE), said its president Datuk Seri M. Kayveas.

He said a letter on this was handed to Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor last week.

“We understand that Tengku Adnan has informed the leaders of all BN component parties on the matter,” he told a press conference after the party’s Supreme Council meeting here, Friday. Kayveas added that the party hoped the BN would consider their request as it was confident of nominating candidates who could win.


According to BERNAMA (via M’sian Mirror online news portal)…earlier:

Kayveas Eyes More Seats For PPP In Next GE

Monday, 05 September 2011

KUALA LUMPUR — The People’s Progressive Party hopes to be allocated more seats in the next general election despite losing both seats it contested in the last national polls.

PPP president Dr M.Kayveas said the party was eyeing four parliamentary and 12 state seats in Penang, Perak and Kuala Lumpur.

Kayveas said he had submitted a proposal for the allocation of seats to Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional chairman Najib Tun Razak.

“These are the areas where we know we can perform. We’ve done our assessment. But it’s not a demand, it’s up to the wisdom of the BN chairman,” he told Bernama.

In the 2008 general election, PPP was allocated two constituencies in Perak – the Taiping parliamentary and Pasir Berdamar state seats – which it lost to the DAP.

Kayveas said the present BN formula for seat allocation based on the size and strength of a component party was no longer viable in the current political scenario.

He said that selection should be based on the ability of prospective candidates to win.


According to BERNAMA (via M’sian Insider online news portal)…much, much earlier:

Kayveas: PPP will not demand seats in next general election

July 03, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR — The People’s Progressive Party (PPP), which lost the two seats allocated to it by Barisan Nasional in the 2008 general election, will not be demanding for seats in the next general election, said its president Datuk M. Kayveas.

“We are not going to fight for seats, and the party will adhere to the advice of the prime minister on the seat allocation,” he told reporters after chairing the party’s supreme council meeting at Wisma PPP here today.

However, PPP would identify the niche areas where PPP could win if given the green light to contest, he said.

Kayveas said he had asked the state party chiefs to identify the parliamentary and state assembly seats which PPP would have a chance to win with BN in the coming elections.

“We will be getting the feedback in a month’s time,” he said, adding that PPP would not interfere if the seats it was interested in were given to the other component parties to contest.

In the last general election, Kayveas failed to defend his Taiping parliamentary seat which he held for one term, when he lost to DAP’s Nga Kor Ming, while Lee Heng, also from PPP, lost the contest for the Pasir Bedamar state seat to DAP’s Seah Leong Peng.