I celebrate SARAWAK DAY on July 22nd!

Posted on July 22, 2011


I’m not asking for a public holiday or anything – although that would be nice – but all I’m hoping for is that we keep this day special in our Sarawakian heart.

As a true Sarawakian, I consider July 22nd as an important date in our beloved State’s history.

On that exact day in 1963, Sarawak established our first cabinet – the cabinet of self-governed Sarawak.

We were officially a new political entity in this world.

We were free from British rule and we, Sarawakians, would now decide our fate and destiny.

Our leaders then decided that the best way to move forward was to be part of a bigger group and that’s why we formed the group called Malaysia on September 16th, that same year.

For 48 years, we’ve been making great music together with the other members of our group – Sabah and Malaya.

We had another group member but Singapura decided it was better to go for a solo career in 1965 and since then we’ve been happy with Singapura’s progress. Haven’t we?

Over the year’s group Malaysia and it’s group members Sarawak, Sabah and Malaya have produced a few hits, but then there have also been a few misses. Perfectly natural…especially for a relatively “young” group like ours.

To ensure that Malaysia continues to make wonderful music, I do believe that it is in Sarawak’s best interest to develop itself to the best of its abilities.

That means that if we can ensure that Sarawak will be “all that it can be”, Malaysia too will surely be the best that it can be.

Each group member realises that it cannot make the best music alone – it needs each and every group member to be at their best, in order to come up with the best!

In the meantime, let’s all celebrate September 16th as Malaysia Day to remember the day we formed our great Federation of Malaysia.

And let’s celebrate August 31st as Merdeka Day to remember the day Peninsular Malaysia achieved independence from the British.

AND let’s celebrate (if not on a big or medium budget, at least in our hearts) July 22nd to remember the day that our great State of Sarawak achieved it’s independence.




The writer for the blog Mulu View describes Sarawak Day quite well in his/her posting Sarawak plays positive roles in enriching identity of Nation

For Sarawak, July 22 must remain a significant date as it was this day, 48 years ago, that the late Stephen Kalong Ningkan, a son of Sarawak, received his appointment as the first Chief Minister of internal self-government Sarawak. The event symbolized the handing over power by the British Colonial Administration to the State and people of Sarawak. He led the first post Independent cabinet, which comprised of local state leaders, who represented Dayak, Malay and Chinese communities.
His appointment and the formation of the first internal self-government state cabinet was the first step to a long and arduous journey towards nationhood. Since then Sarawak has been putting into office four chief ministers, each with his own style of leadership to institute changes and development as a way to fulfill the wishes and aspirations of the people to experience positive changes in their livelihood. All of them realized the need to make conscientious efforts to nurture and build a fair and just society for every community.