Sarawak politics heating up for General Election in first half of 2012?

Posted on July 18, 2011


He and his friends wish to "change" Sarawak

It felt like just yesterday that we were busy with our State Election, and now we’re already talking about the Parliamentary Election.

In fact, it could seem that we’re so busy with elections in Sarawak that it’s hard to imagine us wasting our breath on demonstrations or mass protests, which seems to be the trend nowadays across the South China Sea.

Think about it, here in Sarawak we have a State election one year to choose our State Reps, and then the next year or two or three years later we’d have our Parliamentary Election to choose our MPs.

The last time we had a Parliamentary Election was in 2008, together with the rest of the country, however, unlike the rest of Malaysia, there were no surprises where results were concerned.

With Sarawak BN being able to hold on to its 2/3 majority in the recent State Election, I don’t think the results would be too far different in the upcoming Parliamentary election in Malaysia East.

The word on the streets now is that the Prime Minister might call for election within the first half of next year.

As for the question of whether politics in Sarawak is heating up for the Parliamentary polls, I guess it’s more lukewarm than hot at this point in time.

Even the opposition in Sarawak have not stepped up a gear yet, but maybe they’re still basking in the glow of capturing more seats than they’ve ever managed to do in their history.

And yet still they talk about demonstrations and protests and what not!

But to be fair, protestations about protests are mainly coming from the enemy of SNAP, namely Movement for Change Sarawak or MoCS or as I’d like to refer to them – MoFoCS!

For MoFoCS, losing elections, and by that I mean the candidates they propped up in the last State Election who lost comprehensively, is just plain unacceptable.

MoFoCS doesn’t care that another democratic election will be held pretty soon.

All it seems to care about is to push out our Chief Minister from office and replace him with someone more agreeable to whoever is sponsoring the MoFoCS agenda and activities.

So while others may go about heating up the political scene with election preparations, MoFoCS will probably do its best to heat up the political scene in our beloved State with threats of unrest and public demonstrations.

It’s all very disconcerting to know that the leader of MoFoCS doesn’t even stay here in Sarawak, but rather has made a home in KL.

So when he does succeed in ruining the peace and harmony for the rest of us here, he can conveniently go back to his peaceful condo unit and watch from a safe and comfortable distance if his devious plans do come to fruition.

For all you know, he’s joined by his multi-millionaire political has-beens from Sarawak or even some newer political hotshot wannabes from Malaya, who see some use for him for taking over control of our beloved State. Who knows?

But I do apologise for giving too much face to this guy.

I do believe he punches way above his weight and that’s not meant to be a compliment.

I think we give loud people way too much credit; this guy just happens to be loud and well-funded by his friends from Malaya and who-knows where else.