Putting out a fire…with petrol?

Posted on May 20, 2011


Movement for Change, Sarawak or as I like to call it MoFoCS, has been getting a lot of publicity in the mainstream media lately.

The kind of publicity it couldn’t buy even if it wanted to use all the money thrown its way by its backers in Malaya and beyond.

MoFoCS was barely under the radar all this while, and if left alone in the “cyber-world” I believe it would have remained so.

But because of all the attention given to it by the concerned citizens of Sarawak (who rightfully should be concerned by the threats issued by the head MoFoCS) the movement has now gained a bit more attention than you would normally pay to your own bowel movement.

Sometimes, the leap from online media to mainstream media is all you need to see a seemingly silly story that was hardly known by the average Joe, turn into a story that the average Joe would most likely repeat to other average Joes everywhere.

For the average Joe that still hasn’t heard the story, let me refresh you on some of the key points.

MoFoCS lost badly and lost credibility in the 10th State Elections. Not happy, with the results MoFoCS now wants to “evoke” the spirit of the “Arab Spring” and call on Sarawakians to go to the streets to protest and force our Chief Minister to step down.

I’m not sure if MoFoCS has forgotten the other “revolution” much closer to home, namely in Thailand, with the so-called Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts.

Or whether MoFoCS actually WANTS that situation in Thailand, where the leader of the country is not even democratically-elected, to happen here as well.

I may be wrong but it seems that Movement for Change, Sarawak, in its haste to remove our Chief Minister from office (who’s paying the head of the movement to do this, is a question that begs to be asked, by the way) actually wants to suspend democracy to achieve its goals!

The Movement for Change, Sarawak does not believe that Sarawak is a democratic state in a democratic country, even though we’ve all seen in the last few years the opposition has actually gained more grounds than it has ever done in the history of our young democracy.

Just because the beloved candidate of the MoFoCS head (the multi-millionaire, who’s more of a spent political force now, but who probably has been partly supporting the MoFoCS head all this while) was beaten comprehensively by our Chief Minister in Balingian…doesn’t mean that democracy is dead!

But as I said earlier, this doesn’t really matter much in Sarawak if the rants of the MoFoCS had stayed in the online universe.

PBB Youth has been the main culprit in this matter and it didn’t really sit well with me that it’s two main factions chose to submit two separate police reports against the leader of MoFoCS (although technically one report was not made under the auspices of PBB Youth, rather through an NGO).

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like such a Malaya-politics thing to do. The police reports, I mean.

I would rather have had PBB Youth employ its cyber might to fight MoFoCS, rather than use a tactic that we’re more likely to see employed across Laut Cina Selatan.

Or even if you want to go make police report, do it quietly-lah!

If it was up to me, I would have let the MoFoCS story die a natural death.

I’d prefer putting out the fire with a pail of water.

No one gives a hoot about MoFoCS because it is totally irrelevant in Sarawak, BUT this is true only if it remains online and not in the mainstream.

And please remember that it is now also in the best interest of the mainstream media to keep the flame alive because such stories sell newspapers. Surely.

However, if certain parties are trying to put out the fire with petrol, then I guess the bigger blaze may prove useful to some parties, in which case MoFoCS becomes a rather useful tool in all this drama.

No doubt the drama is entertaining to watch, but for me the most important thing is that we don’t start the culture of protests that the Movement for Change, Sarawak is threatening to bring to our beloved State.

MAKE NO MISTAKE…Movement for Change Sarawak wants to change Sarawak because the people sponsoring it are eager to see chaos and instability in our beloved State…so that THEY and not the people can choose Sarawak’s future leaders!

That’s MoFoCS’ end game and until they achieve it, we can be sure to read more of their spin online and their threats of protests on our streets.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to my pail of water and not waste any more of my electronic ink on this silly movement.

How Star Sarawak Edition reported the news of the police report made in Kuching:

Wednesday May 18, 2011

Kuching PBB Youth wants MoCS chairman arrested


The group, led by chief Wan Hamzah Wan Paie, said Siah allegedly blogged his threatening statements recently.

“We want the police to arrest Siah and investigations to be carried out immediately,” he told reporters after lodging the report at the Kuching Central Police Station here yesterday.

Kicking into action: Hamzah lodging the police report at Kuching Central police station accompanied by PBB Youth branch leaders.

Hamzah also included in his report that Siah threatened to hold a street demonstration if Taib refused to step down.

“Although Siah claimed that the street demonstration would be held peacefully, it is still a subversive act of instigating the people and this is against the law.”

Hamzah said Siah’s blog stated that MoCS was planning to hold a demonstration involving some 200,000 people from outside the state.

He said this would involve a lot of financial resources.

“We want the police to investigate where MoCS acquires its financial resources to hold such a massive demonstration,” said Hamzah.

He also stated in the report that Siah’s accusation of the government agencies not being fair during the April 16 state election was insulting the country’s democracy as well as Sarawakians who had voted.

“We will stand by and support the leadership of Taib and challenge Siah to face PBB Youth before accusing anything. We also urge the public to boycott Siah and MoCS’ plans which could disrupt peace and harmony in the state.

“We are giving Siah seven days from today (yesterday) to retract his statements in his blogs and other media. Otherwise, we will bring this matter up to higher authorities, including the Chief Minister himself and the Home Ministry for further action,” said Hamzah.


How The Borneo Post reported the news of the police report made in Bintulu:

PBB youth vice-chief condemns MoCS leader

by Yunus Yussop. Posted on May 18, 2011, Wednesday

REPORT FILED: Pandi holds up a copy of the police report. Also seen are PAVB members.

BINTULU: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) state youth vice-chief Pandi Suhaili has condemned Movement of Change Sarawak (MoCS) leader Francis Paul Siah for threatening to organise street demonstrations.

Siah had threatened to organise street demonstrations if Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud does not step down by Aug 13.

Yesterday, Pandi filed a police report against Siah along with Bintulu Anaq Vaie Association (PAVB) members. He called Siah’s threat subversive as it could incite the people.

“The Chief Minister has been given a fresh mandate by the people to form a government, continue leading the state government and the government in power has the right to appoint the Chief Minister.

“MoCS’ action is against the people’s aspirations. They have chosen the Barisan Nasional as the state government,” he told reporters after filing the report against Siah at the Bintulu police one-stop centre.

In his report, Pandi said Siah’s statement incited the people and the plans for street demonstrations are unlawful.

He urged Siah to stop making such statements.

“I do hope the police will investigate the case thoroughly,” said Pandi, who is PBB Bintulu Zone (Jepak, Belaga, Kidurong, Kemena, Kakus) youth chief.


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