Street protests are not welcome in Sarawak

Posted on May 16, 2011


Earlier this month, a wannabe politician in Sarawak suggested Sarawakians should hold mass protests to force our Chief Minister to step down.

I call him wannabe because he always wanna be a YB but people of Sarawak never let him be one.

In recent times, this wannabe politician has styled himself as an NGO leader – the leader of the ‘Movement for Change, Sarawak’ , which I refer to as MoFoCS.

If I recall correctly, he called on the people of Sarawak to go to the streets to protest right after the 10th Sarawak State Election concluded.

Just to remind you, this was right after the opposition in Sarawak won more seats than they’ve won in any election in the State. Ever.

After the conclusion of this peaceful election, which he described as the dirtiest ever and where the the opposition recorded their biggest victory ever, this wannabe politician still had the audacity to call for a mass protest!

I guess, the call to protest was made after one of the men whose boots he licks – a man who contested against our Chief Minister in Balingian recently – lost in the contest against our CM in the recent polls.

This wannabe politician, just like Malaya-based DAP and just like foreign-funded opposition blog Sarawak Report (which is connected to PKR) seems to be obsessed about toppling our Chief Minister and less so on helping Sarawak become a more prosperous State.

Although MoFoCS wants to be perceived as bringing about change, it hasn’t really come up with any positive plans for change so far.

This wannabe politician may be a Sarawakian but he spends most of his time in his home in Malaya now.

It is highly likely that he’s being bankrolled by groups or individuals from Malaya, who recognise and are ready to exploit the wannabe politician’s flair for writing (although nowadays it’s mostly spinning) and more importantly his network among Sarawak’s has-been politicians.

Unfortunately, the recent polls showed the naivety of this wannabe politician, when leaders of a certain Sarawak-based opposition Dayak party snapped his hopes of fielding Dayak candidates, whom MoFoCS could finance to go against Sarawak BN.

So now, he wants to unleash Plan B to oust our Chief Minister.

He wants to call for street protests to CHANGE our Chief Minister.

When the opposition members that won in the recent election are already planning and strategising for the upcoming General Elections, what do you think MoFoCS is doing?

Is it planning and strategising for the upcoming General Elections, as well?

Of course not! Why bother with that?

MoFoCS is calling for street protests as a way to solve ALL  of Sarawak’s problems.

MofoCS and its leader, the wannabe politician, wants to hold street protests every time it’s not happy with something.

For our beloved State of Sarawak, which needs to have political stability and unity in order to ensure greater economic prosperity, I don’t think a movement like MofoCS is good for us.

The wannabe politician is a mysterious figure to most Sarawakians and no one really knows who is bankrolling his operations.

If he holds protests, I am sorely tempted to join a protest, as well…that is to join a protest against his protest!

This is not the Middle East, Mr wannabe politician, and organizing street protests will not help in endearing Sarawakians to you and your ilk and your cause.

How The Borneo Post reported a response to the wannabe politician’s threat:

MoCS a public threat — PBB Youth info chief

Posted on May 16, 2011, Monday

KUCHING: Movement of Change, Sarawak (MoCS) is a public threat because it undermines the legitimate process of election by demanding that Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud step down in three months.

No one has the right to make such demand, said PBB Youth information chief Abdul Aziz Adenan, as Taib, including leaders of component parties of the state BN, has been given a fresh mandate by the rakyat to continue leading the state.

By giving Taib an ultimatum to step down by Aug 13 last Friday, he said MoCS was actually making a mockery of the democracy in the state.

“MoCS has no right to ask the chief minister to vacate his post when the rakyat have decided otherwise.

“This shows that MoCS has no respect at all for the rule of law in the country,” he said when contacted yesterday.

He said while MoCS, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), has a democratic right to express its opinion on any subject, it should know that questioning the mandate of the rakyat was not a wise move.

Touching on the purported ‘recruitment’ drive by Umno members in Sarawak, Abdul Aziz stressed that maintaining the political stability in the state was the duty of all members of Barisan Nasional (BN).

He said he concurred with party vice-president Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman’s statement last Thursday that division among the people was inevitable if Umno were to spread its wings to Sarawak without approval from the state BN.

Aziz said the state would only able to bring development to the rakyat if all members of the coalition respected each other.

“Our aim is to serve the rakyat using the Sarawak BN platform… and since the state BN is able to perform its duty in serving the rakyat, there is no basis for anybody to make any effort to increase PPP membership, or any Semenanjung-based BN parties in Sarawak,” he added.

He also agreed with Daud that PBB was still the backbone party of the state BN by virtue of the strong mandate given by the rakyat in the last election.

The Youth information chief also said he agreed with PBB supreme council member Datuk Dr James Dawos for stressing last Thursday that PBB was a more suitable party for Bumiputeras in Sarawak regardless of their races or religions.

“Datuk Dr James Dawos is bring frank when he said the presence of Umno in Sarawak would not help BN but would only cause problems,” he said, adding “Datuk Dr James Dawos wants to preserve the strength of Sarawak BN with his statement”.

Aziz advised all youths to acknowledge the unwritten understanding between the state BN and Umno as mentioned by PRS president Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing, who pointed out that Umno had on many occasions assured

Sarawak BN that it would not spread its wings to the state as long as the people’s welfare, especially that of the Bumiputeras, was well taken care of.