Strength and Unity…is what we all need!

Posted on April 23, 2011


‘Strength & Unity’ was a theme adopted by PBB (Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu) at one of its main gatherings several years ago.

For me, ‘Strength & Unity’ is quite meaningful because it means that to serve the people to the best of its ability, the party would have to be strong.

And in order for the party to maintain its strength, it has to be united always.

It’s pretty basic stuff. Simple. Easy to understand.

Unfortunately, I don’t think everyone in PBB gets it. Or at least they don’t look like they get it at this point in time.

If they don’t get it, and it doesn’t get out in the open that they don’t get it, that’s fine…PBB is a political machine, after all.

But I’ve been noticing in the mainstream media recently that some PBB members, especially from their youth wing, are openly demonstrating dissent against the leader of the wing.

At the moment, the dissension is subtle, but I’m pretty sure they will get more intense as the days and weeks go by.

That’s just in the mainstream media, by the way…online, it’s a whole different story. Let’s just say there’s less subtlety involved.

Anyway, I guess this is all part of the games played by politicians and political aspirants.

But when it matters the most, I hope they don’t forget ‘Strength & Unity’…that’s all I can hope for.

Although I think it would be disturbing to have a less than united PBB now, the party may actually require a “reboot” in the coming months.

The coming months are vital for ensuring the future progress and prosperity of Sarawak. Seriously.

After all, in the coming months, the Chief Minister and PBB president will start preparations to hand over the reins of power to his successor (if he hasn’t started already, that is!).

Of course, we can expect to see a power struggle at all levels of the party during the succession period, but let’s just hope that PBB can manage the process as smoothly as possible.

Remember, PBB, that there are wolves at the gate waiting for the opportunity to get in and exploit any sign of weakness.

35 out of 35 was no fluke but you have to make sure you can stay strong and united to achieve it again.

Strength & Unity. Don’t forget that. A lot of people are counting on you.

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