Good Friday holiday in Sarawak

Posted on April 22, 2011


Since today is Good Friday and since today is also a public holiday in Sarawak and in Sabah, I thought I’d try to find out when the Borneo states of Malaysia declared it a holiday.

No luck, though!

Not because the information’s not online somewhere (because it probably is) but because today’s a public holiday and I don’t really feel like going beyond the fifth Google search page.

Anyway, I did find this  entry on Wikipedia and thought it was an interesting point to share.

Good Friday

Good Friday is not a federal public holiday, but is a state public holiday in Sabah where Christians constitute a significant minority, and also in Sarawak where Christianity is the largest religion; both states were granted some level of greater autonomy than other states in the Federation, as they were considered polities on par with Malaya when they merged with it and Singapore to form Malaysia.

I guess with a public holiday, it’s harder for us Christians in Sarawak to think of an excuse to go to church on this hot afternoon for Good Friday service.

That reminds me, I probably have to fulfill my religious obligations soon.

Have a blessed Good Friday!