CHANGE that I want…that the opposition doesn’t seem to care about.

Posted on April 14, 2011


Since being gripped by election fever, I can see that we’ve been more excited about politics and also more negative than usual.

One side would attack and then the next minute there would be a counter-attack, and then there would be a counter to that counter-attack or a whole new attack altogether.

This election, I’ve also noticed that the opposition has been more focused than usual, in the sense that the attacks they’ve made are concentrated only on one person, namely our Chief Minister.

I don’t really want to get into this right now but let me just remind you that two of DAP’s top leaders also have issues concerning age, and that they too are also grooming their sons to take over the party one day. Nice one!

Even the Bandar Kuching MP and incumbent for Kota Sentosa himself is the son of a party stalwart. No complaints there!

There I go again. Negative to a fault.

I want be more positive. I want to talk about positive.

Even when I talk about CHANGE, I wish I could talk about real positive CHANGE instead of the fuzzy and unclear CHANGE that the opposition is selling.

The CHANGE that the opposition is talking about doesn’t seem to address the issue of making the next four years of life in Sarawak better.

The only CHANGE the opposition can’t seem to stop talking about is CHANGING the Chief Minister.

Even when the Chief Minister and Prime Minister have said that Sarawak will CHANGE to a new Chief Minister soon, the opposition, especially DAP are STILL talking about this issue!

Why can’t they talk about the CHANGE that will make MY life in Sarawak better.

Why can’t they focus their energy and their resources talking about better education by improving the standard of our pre-schools and our universities?

Why can’t they talk about helping people make more money (high-income economy) or providing more job opportunities?

Why don’t they talk about getting more investments into Sarawak (SCORE)?

Or why not talk about healthcare, which the current BN candidate for Pending is always going on and on about?

Why you may ask, don’t the opposition touch on these things?

Well, for one thing no one will go to their ceramah if they did, that’s for sure.

Come on, let’s face it, these are things that people take for granted!

Even if a lot of effort and resources are needed to put them (jobs, business opportunities, healthcare, better facilities) in place, no one will park one or two or three kilometers away and then walk to listen to a ceramah to talk about boring things like that.

They want entertainment, damnit! And nothing is more entertaining at election time than bashing the government. It’s a guilty pleasure.

Anyway, I’ve proven that it’s hard to be positive when there’s a lot of negative things being said and written about.

But let me just say that the positive CHANGE that I want could come from both BN and opposition. Seriously.

Sadly, however, the opposition we have right now just isn’t interested in giving me the kind of CHANGE that I want or need.