The bible issue is back…

Posted on April 10, 2011


I thought for sure the bible issue in Sarawak was dead.

Boy, was I dead wrong about that!

Even if the words came out of our Chief Minister’s mouth saying that the move to put serial numbers of bibles was “stupid”…it seems that it’s still not enough to make some people happy.

Don’t you agree that the move was indeed stupid?

So what is the opposition saying then?

It doesn’t agree that the move was stupid?

It’s just so typical of them to oppose something just for the sake of opposing.

Our Chief Minister, more than any opposition leader (especially opposition leaders from Malaya) knows how dangerous it is to use the religious card to campaign.

In fact, his track record shows that religion is NOT something that he uses to gain political capital.

He knows that its just too explosive an issue.

Compare that with the track record of the opposition leaders, especially those from Malaya.

Are religious issues out of bounds for them?

The answer is a resounding NO!…because for them anything goes when it comes to gaining power.

Apparently, our Chief Minister made the statement above when he was invited to open the new church in Mukah.

Now, Christian Melanaus all over Sarawak know how much this particular church means to our Chief Minister, not only because it’s in his constituency but also because the congregation is made up mainly of Melanaus.

That’s why for the Melanau community, it was so significant for the church building community to invite our Chief Minister to officially open it…and for him to accept the invitation.

I’m not sure how many churches have been opened by the Chief Minister of Penang or the Menteri Besar of Kelantan, Kedah or Selangor, but I can probably guess that it’s less than one.

I’ve already talked about this topic in my earlier posts Sarawak.Politics.Economy.Life…and Afterlife and Bible issue?…what bible issue? and I really hoped I wouldn’t have to talk about it again.

For me, it’s really very simple…if a Christian in Sarawak really wants to get a bible in Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Indonesia, there’s no way anyone can stop that Christian in Sarawak from getting it.

They’re going to get it from online sources or they’re going to get it from somewhere. But at the end of the day, they’re going to get bibles, if they really want to get bibles.

But if you’re an importer of bibles, who’s having problems at the port, I think for you the problem has been solved, as well.

I’m beginning to wonder what all the fuss is about, really.

Maybe, I should go and take out that old bible of mine and start reading it again.

Maybe you should too.

Just to see what the fuss is about, of course.


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