A vote for DAP and PKR is a vote for PAS? Really?

Posted on April 10, 2011


There’s a campaign ‘fishtail’ by a candidate representing Malaya-based opposition PKR that shows not only his party logo but the logos of two other Malaya-based parties, namely DAP and PAS.

For those of you who might not realise it, PKR, DAP and PAS are the opposition parties in the default coalition or coalition of convenience sometimes referred to as Pakatan Rakyat or ‘PR’ for short.

The reason this particular candidate decided to include the other parties’ logos is probably because he wanted to highlight the coalition of convenience that he’s currently in.

Since this default coalition doesn’t have a logo to represent all its component parties, I guess the only way to inform people they’re part of a coalition is to simply put all the party logos in their campaign materials.

Come to think of it, I’ve only ever seen all three logos on one campaign material…used by this particular candidate, from this particular party.

Maybe I should check if other opposition candidates are doing it before I come up with any conclusions.

But then again, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the posters of DAP’s Kuching candidates and I do have a niggling suspicion…that they don’t seem to be too eager to highlight their involvement in the coalition of convenience.

Of course, DAP is riding high now because its series of ceramahs has energised its hardcore supporters, who have attended the events in droves.

This feeling of confidence may have led the opposition party to believe that in Sarawak, being in a coalition could be more of a burden than a blessing.

Speaking of blessings, the issue of religion would always be a major point of contention, especially between secular DAP and religious PAS.

Fortunately for Malaysia, we haven’t seen a face-off between the two parties on this issue, and I hope we never ever have to!

There are of course other issues where the two parties don’t see eye-to-eye, and the main reason is neither are willing to sacrifice the support of their core base just to placate a member of a coalition, which at the moment doesn’t seem to have a steady base to stand on.

Of course, as a member of a coalition – even a coalition of convenience – DAP would have to make the compulsory appearances now and again, and in this Sarawak election, it will definitely have to come out hand in hand with its PAS brethren.

But is a vote for DAP really a vote for PAS in Sarawak?

Who knows.

All I know is they’re in the same bed together.

And why are they in the same bed together, you may ask?

Just to gain power. Simple as that.



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