DAP hypocrites? Shocking!

Posted on April 9, 2011


A rimauataskerusi reader commented recently about how DAP seems to practice double standards.

I think we need to pay attention to this, rather than blindly buying whatever DAP is selling at the moment.

Malaya-based DAP is always saying that our Chief Minister should go because he’s too old and he’s been holding the post for too long.

Doesn’t DAP realise that the father of the current Penang CM is 70 years old this year?

And if they think our CM has been at the job for too long, that particular DAP leader was first elected to public office in 1969!

That’s 42 years ago!

And what about the national chairman of DAP?

He’s 70 years old too!

When was he elected to public office, you may ask?

That would be 1974…that would be 37 years ago!

And still they say our CM is too old and has been holding on to his job for far too long.

Talk about double standards!

Maybe DAP should think about retiring its “experienced” leaders before trying to tell Sarawak to boot out our Chief Minister…unless, of course DAP doesn’t mind being labelled as hypocrites.

For the 10th Sarawak State Election, Malaya-based DAP is proud of the fact that it is fielding young candidates.

So young in fact that some in Kuching have actually questioned why DAP in Sarawak doesn’t field people who may have a little bit more experience under their belt.

Not a lot, just a little bit more.

Otherwise, it looks as if the focus is on picking the “willing” rather than the “able” and probably why the DAP is filled with fresh-faced candidates.

Literally fresh-faced that is, not just figuratively fresh-faced!

As for our Chief Minister, he’s publicly stated that he will step down in a year or two.

My bet is he will step down before Sarawak faces the next Parliamentary Election.

By then, a new Chief Minister will lead BN Sarawak and continue on the struggle of bringing socio-economic development and progress to our beloved State.

That sounds like a “stepping-down-soon” plan to me.

Has anyone heard of the Penang CM’s father and/or DAP national chairman talk about stepping down anytime soon? I know I haven’t.

Maybe DAP would get upset if anyone even hints about putting these two beloved “mature” leaders out to pasture.

And who am I to question the wisdom of Malaya-based DAP, anyway?

If they want to keep their long-serving leaders, let them keep their long-serving leaders.

But don’t forget…if you live in glass houses…