the 1 manifesto for all Sarawakians vs the 3 manifestos for just some Sarawakians

Posted on April 6, 2011


“A public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature”.

That’s how Wikipedia defines a manifesto.

Today, the Barisan Nasional is set to launch its manifesto and according to a reliable source, it will be published in four languages.

It is a manifesto for PBB. It is a manifesto for SUPP. It is a manifesto for SPDP. And it is a manifesto for PRS.

One manifesto for four parties in one coalition – Barisan Nasional.

Most importantly, it is a manifesto for Sarawak and all Sarawakians.

Unfortunately, no word on whether the opposition coalition by default or coalition of convenience (sometimes called Pakatan Rakyat) will be coming out with one common manifesto though.

I’d have to think that it would be difficult to come up with one manifesto to sum up what the three Malaya-based parties – PKR, DAP and PAS – want to achieve in Sarawak, except of course their common desire to gain power.

And you have to remember that the only reason they want to gain power in Sarawak is so that they can gain power in the rest of Malaysia.

For the default coalition of the opposition, the aim of winning in Sarawak is to win in Putrajaya. Sarawak is simply a means to an end for them.

That’s why they don’t have a proper plan to develop Sarawak or bring greater prosperity for our people.

That’s how the current Malaya-based opposition parties in the default coalition view our beloved State.

That’s why the change they are really talking about is not about changing Sarawak.

The way I see it, the only change they’re interested in is their change in status of being a mere “know-it-all Rakyat” to a “know-it-all YB”.

Somehow, I think the three parties in the coalition by default will be coming out with three separate manifestos. I think so.

Three separate manifesto each for its own supporters.

What a great coalition.

That is, unless the other two just adopt big brother PKR’s manifesto, especially since PKR will contest in 49 out of the 71 seats. Greedy big brother!

Whatever the manifesto that comes out of the Malaya-based opposition this time around, one can be sure that it will be full of promises (and might also be full of cartoons, as well).

It will also surely be filled with negativity and insults towards Sarawak’s current crop of leaders and the policies that have actually brought much progress to the State.

I was told that the BN manifesto will have NINE key points and all nine will have something to do with making Sarawak a better place to live in.

Corny, I know…but corny is not necessarily a bad thing.

Corny is definitely better than beautiful promises that end up being broken, which I’m sure the 3 Malaya-based opposition parties’ manifestos are designed to do.

In which case, I will take the corny manifesto any day.

At least I know that BN has a track record for bringing peace, prosperity and progress for us since our independence in 1963 and actually HAS a plan to CHANGE Sarawak to become THE richest State in Malaysia.