DAP calls for CHANGE…in Kuching of all places!

Posted on April 3, 2011


Malaya-based oppposition party DAP made a strange statement over the weekend, where it called for CHANGE in Kuching.

I’m sure BN will be happy to hear this bit of news because it would seem that DAP is asking people to vote for change in Padungan, Batu Lintang, Pending and Kota Sentosa.

That’s actually a silly spin that I put on a statement made by one of DAP’s Malaya leaders, who was here in Sarawak over the weekend.

But I believe there may be some constituents in Padungan, Batu Lintang, Pending and Kota Sentosa, who would actually take up this offer…especially after four years of drain-pointing and glory-stealing by the reps they elected.

The voters in 2006 were promised change but it seems that not much change has been brought by their elected representatives from Malaya-based DAP.

Change was actually implemented by the government, when you really think about it. All the opposition reps did was claim credit!

As if to prove the point that the reps weren’t really effective in bringing change, Malaya-based DAP replaced the incumbent for Batu Lintang with a new candidate.

Actually, in what appears to be a show of arrogance and over-confidence, DAP replaced its incumbent with a new candidate from ANOTHER Malaya-based party.

Sure PKR is a party from its coalition of convenience (also known as Pakatan Rakyat), but how is this latest act supposed to be beneficial to the voters of Batu Lintang and Padungan?

(By the way, I’m not even going to touch the topic of the other member of this coalition of convenience, PAS, because they’re really hopeless for Sarawak!)

Padungan, by the way  was won by PKR in 2006 but the dear leaders of PKR in Malaya HQ recently decided that it’s FIRST and ONLY YB in Sarawak was no longer good enough.

So PKR not only replaced its first and only YB in Sarawak but decided to swap the seat with DAP…as if to make sure the salt is well and truly distributed in the wounds of the people of Padungan and Batu Lintang.

It seems that for this election, PKR and DAP are more focused about who contests where, and how many seats should each party get.

Finally, we can see that it’s all about gaining power. Nothing about the plans for developing Sarawak and definitely nothing about making Sarawak a more prosperous state.

Quite obviously they seem to have lost the plot.

Maybe they’ve placed too much confidence in their foreign “friends”, especially the people who are running the opposition blog Sarawak Report.

This opposition blog Sarawak Report is a main part of the opposition’s online strategy for this state elections.

But what the opposition doesn’t realise is that they are playing with fire here; using foreigners (a certain sister-in-law of a former UK Prime Minister, comes to mind) to determine the destiny of our beloved Sarawak.

Whether they’re from Malaya or from London town doesn’t make much difference to me.

I just hope that leaders who end up leading our beloved State are Sarawakians from Sarawak-based parties.