My friend wants to be a YB…

Posted on March 29, 2011


I got a text on my BlackBerry today from an old friend.

He asked me for a bit of guidance. Sort of.

He says a political party wants to nominate him to stand in a seat in the Central Region of Sarawak…in a place I like to call Foochowland.

Since his kulit-fication won’t allow him to represent the BN in that particular seat, I’m going to guess that he will most likely stand as an opposition candidate…this time around, at least!

My friend is bright and has charisma and the potential to be a good YB. He even comes from a family of politicians.

I’ve always known that he’d stand in an election one day, but I really didn’t think he’d do it in this one.

Perhaps he knows something that I don’t. Perhaps the arrival of serious political backers to his neck of the woods tipped the scales. Who knows?

Anyway, since he sort of asked me for a bit of guidance, I told him that he should weigh the positives and then weigh the negatives, and choose which one weighs more.

As a consultant, I could charge a few thousand RM for that kind of advice (with fancier words and wearing a suit, of course) but since he’s a friend, I didn’t charge him anything.

Besides, I doubt he’d give me a 1 sen coin for my 2 sens worth, anyway.

So, he’s gonna do it. I think. But anyway, I wish him all the best. And I will give him all the moral support he needs.

As a BN sympathizer, I told him that if he runs, I won’t be able to campaign for him (although I know it will be fun) and I won’t be able to help him strategise or plan tactics (although I know that would be interesting…and fun, as well).

But whatever happens on the night of April 16, I will be having several rounds of drinks with my friend.

I will celebrate if he wins and I will wallow in his disappointment if he doesn’t.

Just because our political ideologies are different, I don’t believe that should stop any of us from being friends.

(Although I suspect I can persuade him to be a BN candidate one day and I know he will be a great BN YB!)

Cheers to you, laddie!