Opposition political spin machine Sarawak Report…in overdrive

Posted on March 28, 2011


I’ve been working a bit harder than usual lately.

For me, a sure sign of working too hard is having visions of laying back on a beach somewhere, with a nice beer buzz and having a nap any time, with the soothing sounds of breaking waves in the background…I need a holiday…badly!

But instead of going online to check out the best travel deals and doing something to get closer to that beach…what do I do?

I go and get myself upset (and further away from the visionary beach) by reading political blogs.

And no blog gets me more upset at the moment than the opposition blog Sarawak Report.

Sometimes, I wonder why I get so upset reading it.

I don’t get upset when I read the National Enquirer or News of the World.

Why then do I get so upset?

I get upset because I keep thinking that the people running it are foreigners, who have a personal agenda, and the way they’re going to accomplish that agenda is by trying to influence the outcome of our upcoming State election.

I just can’t stand to think that someone, who’s sitting pretty in an apartment in London somewhere, thinks she (or he) can get her (or his) way just by spreading blatant lies about Sarawak through her (or his) computer and a broadband connection.

Of course she (or he) has considerable connections in London town and she’s (or he’s) not afraid to use all of them to achieve her (or his) agenda.

The spin machine may appear simple, but it can be formidable if the wordsmith drools honey and is backed up by well-paid hired hacks from Sarawak, who are more than willing and able to capitalise on the situation to make a quick buck.

The agenda is simple. Take down the present government and replace the leadership with people who are “friendlier” towards the foreign agenda. To hell with the consequences to Sarawak and its people!

Imagine, after they’ve brought “change” to Sarawak and “saved the rainforests” and “empowered the Penans” and “brought prosperity to the people of Sarawak” (oops, hang on, I don’t think they want that last bit), do you honestly believe they will stop trying to run our lives and tell us how we should do this and how we should do that?

I hope the leaders that we choose are not ones who will have to follow what people sitting pretty in a London apartment tell them to do.

I hope also that the leaders we choose don’t wait for THEIR Malaya leaders to make every decision for them, such as the choice of candidates and seat allocation, for example.

Opposition leaders in Malaya don’t seem to have any respect whatsoever to the opposition leaders in Sarawak, and that can’t be a good sign…for Sarawak at least.

Our government now may not be perfect. But which government is? At least our government has a plan to make Sarawak a better place.

The opposition may also have a plan. But the plan looks like its going to bring us nowhere…FAST!

Actually I lie, the opposition has no plan at the moment. But even if they did, the only plan looks like a plan NOT to contest against each other. After the elections, definitely back to “no plan” mode.

Today’s March 28.

Polling day is on April 16.

That means there’s about 19 days to go before Sarawakians cast their ballots.

Just enough time for the opposition political spin machine known as Sarawak Report to move up a few gears from overdrive to “hyper-drive!” (science-fictional reference).

I’m going to book my holiday tickets now, before I stress myself out thinking about the spin machine.

Of course, the easiest solution for me to avoid upsetting myself would be to just stop reading the blog, but somehow that course of action makes me feel that I’ve thrown in the towel or something.

Where’s the fun in that?

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