10th Sarawak State Election. Mark it down. April 16, 2011.

Posted on March 24, 2011


In two weeks time, on a Wednesday, we will know who will be contesting in the 10th Sarawak State Election.

The Malaysian Election Commission announced yesterday that Nomination Day will be on April 6 .

Then, on a Saturday evening, 10 days after Nomination Day, we will know the results of the 10th Sarawak State Election.

Of course, let’s not forget a little something that we, as Sarawakians, need to do on the morning or afternoon of that particular Saturday (April 16).

The voting age in Malaysia is 21 years.

That means all of us who are no longer teenagers (but who’ve registered to vote) should go out to the schools and halls that have been converted into polling booths, to cast our all-important ballots.

For me, the voting is important, but what I’m really looking forward to is the barbeque and beer that will be waiting for me that day after I’ve fulfilled my responsibility as a citizen in a rimauataskerusi (you may know it as democracy).

(* Mental note: Remind cousins back home to get the fish and meat and beer and charcoal ready!)

There’s always electricity in the air every time there’s an election and in my hometown, this is no exception.

We don’t really talk about who we’re voting for, but after a few beers it’s not that hard to guess.

It’s also always interesting for me to listen to relatives sharing their views on politics during elections.

I like to observe how each party’s message has reached them and affected their opinions.

I’ve found that for most of the people I know, politics is not something they think a lot about.

Like me, they only get caught up with the excitement of politics when the circus comes to town.

It just so happens that the circus is coming to town this year; and its coming very soon,  by the way.

Because we all know that the circus will come and then it will go, everyone is always very cordial during campaigning. Of course when political passions flare, there will always be a bit of fireworks here and there, but it’s usually nothing serious.

At least that’s the case in my hometown. At least that’s the case in the past.

This year, we’re worried this will all change because we saw something odd happen in the by-election in Sibu. What happened, you may ask?

Well, when that particular circus came to town, some of the clowns from the circus gave a performance, which many people did not think were funny, by the way.

The biggest clowns were of course those who came from Malaya and from Kuching.

They were definitely not your funny and cute clowns; they were mean clowns and some of them were downright bullies.

Sadly, I suspect that this year’s circus will bring in more clowns from Malaya to your towns and villages.

But as Sarawakians, we owe it to ourselves to keep things cool and cordial, no matter what any of the clowns do.

I just hope they don’t spoil your celebration of rimauataskerusi (or democracy, as some call it) that weekend.

After all, we need to remember that the circus comes and the circus goes.

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