The Sarawak Chief Minister Rolls on…in his old Royce

Posted on March 23, 2011


I read with interest this posting in Sarawak Bersatu that details how the Chief Minister of Sarawak has been using the same cars to go to the office, for decades.

For those who’ve seen him and his motorcade in Kuching, you’ve probably noticed him being driven around in a really grand-looking car. Most likely, he’s in a classic Rolls Royce or classic Bentley.

Of course if you read the opposition blog Sarawak Report (Report without an ‘S’), and caught a glimpse of our CM passing by in one of his official cars, you might be thinking all sorts of negative thoughts.

If you’re a reader of that opposition blog, you might also be suspicious of why our CM is riding around in such a grand mode of transportation.

However, Sarawak Bersatu has assured that there’s no reason to kick up a fuss over our CM’s antique cars, because the fact is these are old cars, which need to be driven, otherwise they end up as big ol’ rust buckets.

Proof of this can be seen in a few millionaires’ / billionaires’ garages around Kuching. The cost of getting the rust buckets to run again (the cars I mean, not the millionaires or billionaires) could probably be equal to the price of a small car here.

In England, I believe rockstars, and rockstar motoring journalists actually smash such cars or drive them into swimming pools just to prove a point; shows just how much they value these kind of cars in that country.

Our CM though keeps on using the Rolls and Bentleys because he’s a practical kind of guy. The cars may be old but they still work and they are all classic beauties. And when they were bought decades ago, they were not as expensive as today’s models. Enough said.

If you’re lucky enough to take a close look at our CM’ official cars though, you’ll probably be able to see that the headlights or signal lights or mirrors have seen better days. And don’t forget to spot the rusty spots as well.

The point that Sarawak Bersatu tried to make is that the Chief Minister hasn’t had a new car in years, even though he’s entitled to get new official cars every few years.

So I guess the real point is that our CM is not as lavish as the Malaya-based opposition parties paint him out to be.

Opposition blog Sarawak Report, naturally wants us to believe that Sarawak is a State without good governance and prudent financial management, and that the money-hungry CM just wants to spend his free time grabbing land from natives rather than thinking of the best plan to bring development to the rural areas.

However, by using the antique cars as an example, the opposition blog Sarawak Report actually revealed its own ignorance of facts in Sarawak.

But then again, the opposition blog Sarawak Report thrives on sensational news, which may or may not be based on rumours and hearsay, and thus accuracy and context are not really things that the opposition blog Sarawak Report really focuses on.