Sarawak Reports…that’s Reports with an “s”

Posted on March 20, 2011





I was pleasantly surprised to find a new source of reading material today, quite by accident actually.

The new site’s called Sarawak Reports. At first I thought I’d entered the Twilight Zone when I read the postings.

Where’s the soap opera? Where’s the drama? Where’s the scandals? How come Sarawak looks so good here?

Then I realised that this was Sarawak Reports…with an ‘s’ What a difference a letter makes.

So what’s in this alternate Report, you ask? Well, it seems to be quite organised. No idea who’s behind it but I’m not offering prizes for anyone who guesses right, either.

My hope is that it’s someone who is as passionate as the sister-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Britain…but who actually KNOWS what the real situation is in Sarawak, and what are the REAL important issues that affect the people of Sarawak.

In fact, unlike the opposition blog Sarawak Report, the report without an ‘s’, it really is reporting on Sarawak, and not just bashing the Chief Minister and the government.

It’s definitely by a group of people, who support the Sarawak state government, and by the first few articles posted, the writers of this new website are not bad at all.

So far, the website has categories called “Featured”; “Abdul Taib”; “Economic Development; Environment”; and “SCORE”. But the category that caught my eye was “Raja Petra”.

A whole category has been dedicated to the supremo of the opposition-leaning Malaysia Today. Not sure if I agree with the logic behind it, but I’m certain it’ll make for some interesting reading.

Although initially I thought the name of the website was rather uncreative, I believe the choice of name could have been a tactical decision to purposely grab the attention of visitors to the opposition blog Sarawak Report without an ‘s’.

At least, now if anyone wants to read something more positive about Sarawak, they have one more source to go to.

But make sure you go to the report with an ‘s’ in it, or else you might end up reading the Sarawak soap opera instead.

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