MalaysiaKini and the battles and wars it chooses

Posted on March 19, 2011


As I was trawling the online news this morning, I came across this three paragraph article.

Of course it isn’t just a three-para story. But I’m a cheapskate, who absolutely refuses to pay for online news.

In fact, for all I know the following parts of the story could have a very different angle from what I’m able to see from my seat in economy class.

But, why would I pay for news if it’s going to be biased towards the leanings of its editor-in-chief and his (or her) paymasters and whoever their paymasters answer to?

I don’t have to read the whole story here (and cough up the subscription) though because the headline and the first three paras sum up the story very nicely.

I have to commend the journalist for his writing style, for allowing me to continue to feed off the crumbs of this online news portal’s buffet table of delicious news, courtesy of his succinct three paragraphs and headline.

If I was writing for this online news portal, I doubt you’d be able to make sense of my story until near the end (if even that). In which case, someone like me would be forced to pay to read online articles with enticing headlines.

As of this point in my story, my point is that I won’t pay for online news. Period. Especially from online news portals that are biased.

I might as well just read the opposition blog Sarawak Report based in London town and run by the biased sister-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Britain/UK.

It’s more entertaining and I get to read more than three paras for free. Those people in London town sure know how to blow up a story.

On to my next point.

Even though this news portal is supposed to be opposition-leaning, it will attack its own when necessary.

The three-paragraph story (or free paragraphs, anyway) has the headline with the words “SNAP” and “strutting” and “talking big”. Enough said.

Looks like PKR thinks that SNAP is no longer opposition enough for Pakatan Rakyat. Or maybe not Malaya enough. Who knows?

I’m sure it’s not about PKR stating that it wants to contest in 52 seats and SNAP wants to contest in 40.

As Sarawak only has 71 seats at the moment, some may have to wait for the Sabah state elections if they want to avoid contesting against each other, as good coalition members should, even in coalitions of convenience like Pakatan Rakyat.

And so, the coalition of convenience known as Pakatan Rakyat lets the influential online news portal attack. Poor SNAP. Forever getting snapped.

From what I can see from the three-para story, it’s supposed to be a commentary from the journo, but come on…I actually have to pay for this?

Let biased write-ups remain free. Just allow people to pay for unbiased news.

Anyway, it’s all good for Barisan Nasional if the opposition continue in this vein. Only BN stands in the way of the current crop of power-hungry opposition members. The sheer power hunger of the opposition is just revolting to me. In Sarawak, it is really palpable. I can only guess that in Malaya it is much worse.

As anyone can see, I can get very biased too, especially on mornings when the best coffee in the house came from a “3-in-1” sachet.

But least I’m not charging anyone to read my ramblings (assuming anyone does, that is).



The free news I managed to copy & paste from the subscription-based news portal that’s biased (I meant to say based) in Malaya:



Snap now strutting about and talking big
Stephen Tiong
Mar 18, 11
COMMENT After eight years in hibernation battling the deregistration order of the Registrar of Societies (RoS), the Sarawak National Party (Snap) is now acting up and talking big.

It is rather ambitious of the party to aspire to contest more than 40 seats in the coming state election.

And questions are being raised whether Snap has the financial muscle to fight in the polls, let alone field candidates in that many constituencies as it announced.