Sarawak’s opposition coalition wants to win 118 seats…out of 71

Posted on March 18, 2011


Under the opposition coalition of convenience Pakatan Rakyat, SNAP wants to contest in 40 seats; PKR wants to contest in 52 seats; DAP wants to contest in 20 seats; and PAS wants to contest in 6 seats.

Now, under a coalition where the objective is to help each other win, or at least allow the party with the best chances of winning to contest, this would mean that theoretically the coalition of convenience known as Pakatan Rakyat has a chance to win a whopping 118 seats.

Unfortunately, as the title of this post explains clearly, Sarawak currently only has 71 seats to be contested.

BN has PBB, SUPP, SPDP and PRS contesting in 71 seats, which means there’s an extra 47 candidates unaccounted for here.

Unless, the opposition coalition of convenience has a brilliant strategy that no coalition has ever done before (openly, at least), it looks like 47 opposition candidates will be contesting bitterly against their political brothers (and/or sisters) in arms.

But then again, it does make a lot of sense for them to adopt this strategy especially for PKR, which has one elected member in the State parliament and is going for 52 seats. Why you may ask? Because, of their over-inflated sense of entitlement, is the answer.

Where does this over-inflated sense of entitlement come from you may ask? Well, for one thing, PKR is going to supply the only candidate for Chief Minister among all the component parties in the coalition of convenience known as Pakatan Rakyat.

AND this sole candidate for Chief Minister is the blue-eyed-boy of the opposition blog Sarawak Report, which is using foreign influencers to try to manipulate the outcome of our upcoming State election.

AND PKR is also the party of the de facto leader of the opposition in Malaya, so obviously no other party should be allowed to have more seats than PKR.

But shouldn’t DAP, with the most number of elected representatives in the DUN, be allowed to contest in the most number of seats, you ask? The answer is no and it probably doesn’t even want to. Why you may ask? Because this party knows how to choose its battles and it doesn’t have foreign influencers to back it up (at least not as openly, anyway). Besides, its game plan is to be MORE Chinese (Out-Cina the Cina) than any other party. It’s a winning gameplan and it doesn’t need Bumiputera seats to spoil its plans. It may field a token Bumiputera to get a feel-good buzz, but it won’t spread itself too thinly just for a CSR exercise.

What about PAS, then? It only wants 6 seats. I have no idea about PAS in Sarawak but I do know that its game plan will be quite similar to DAP, that is it will try to be MORE Islamic (Out-Muslim the Muslims) than anyone else in the competition. This will be one party in the coalition of convenience known as Pakatan Rakyat, which will definitely be silent on the bible issue, compared to its political brothers and sisters in arms, who will be playing this issue to the hilt!

So what about SNAP, with its wish to contest in 40 seats? Unlike the other opposition parties, SNAP is actually not a Malaya political party. In fact, it used to be in the State Barisan Nasional, once upon a time.

This party still has a nostalgic appeal to the older generation in some of the villages but it has lost much of its lustre, and it is now sadly a spent force.

However, I haven’t seen anything on the new parties – KITA and PCM – and what their plans are. At least I haven’t read anything online or offline.

And we haven’t heard from the potential independent candidates yet, either.

We’re going to witness a very exciting State election coming really soon, and I hope we see a true rimauataskerusi (also known as democracy) at work, for the future of Sarawak.

The news as reported in Sarawak Update portal:

SNAP Announcement On 40 Seats: DAP & PKR Said Its Ok

Kuching: Sarawak National Party (SNAP’s) announcement that they want to contest in 40 seats, and revealing 16 of its potential candidates does not draw negative reaction from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Democratic Action Party (DAP).

When asked by Sarawak Update, PKR Publicity Chief, See Chee How, said as far as PKR is concerned, SNAP is still their coalition and he respect their commitment there.

He said, “The 40 and 16 seats announcement is a prelude to our seats negotiation which we in PKR do not regard that as adversarial nor confrontational at this juncture.”

See said at the end of day, SNAP still has to come to the negotiation table to iron out the differences and come to an amicable conclusion as their main role is to go against BN one against one.

“That is why the negotiation is still going on,” he said.

Baru Bian, PKR State Chief had announced 52 seats while DAP wants 20 and PAS 6.

Although he is not in the negotiation team, See said he believed that everyone would be able to come to an understanding and have a joint ideology and struggle in Pakatan Rakyat.

DAP Sarawak’s Chairman, Wong Ho Leng who is attending Parliamentary sitting told Sarawak Update via a phone interview that whatever names released in stages by SNAP would still have to be negotiated.

He said as far as DAP is concern, they only have a seat overlapping SNAP. He said the more overlapping are between PKR and SNAP and I dont want to poke my nose in other party affair. “They can work it out,” he said.

Wong said the negotiation is not finalised yet so he did not want to comment much.

Yesterday, SNAP Chairman, Edwin Dundang announced 16 names out of the 40 constituencies they wanted to contest.

Baru Bian, PKR State Chief had announced 52 seats while DAP wants 20 and PAS 6.

Although he is not in the negotiation team, See said he believed that everyone would be able to come to an understanding and have a joint ideology and struggle in Pakatan Rakyat.