Sarawak’s future…

Posted on March 17, 2011


What a headline! Could be misleading, I admit.

I was up for more than 24 hours yesterday, trying to meet an important deadline. Fortunately, I have a kind boss who let me sleep the next 15 hours straight.

Today, I am re-invigorated and ready to tackle another 24-hour cycle. If I have to, that is. If not, I won’t complain.

The long workday I had made me think about the 9 to 5 workday that most of us have here in Sarawak.

I recently read a magazine article that said globalisation will make the 9 to 5 workday a thing of the past for professionals all over the world, with their clients and consultants and manufacturers and wholesalers and dealers based in different countries with their own 9 to 5 to keep.

I guess for most advanced nations (except maybe those who would rather die than work more hours than they have to) working beyond 9 to 5 is something that they are used to by now.

For Sarawak though, we may see more people working harder and longer or working odd hours if we too become an advanced nation in the future.

That future looks set to become a reality with SCORE or for the uninitiated, the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy.

We will have investors and consultants and business people from everywhere working with us on SCORE and I bet our people here will be talking at all hours of the day (and night) with people on the other side of the world, on urgent and important matters.

It would mean that our BlackBerry will always have that red light flashing just when we’re about to go to bed  (but when the western world’s just about to start getting down to business).

Fortunately, most of us will be in jobs that only require the mandatory 9 t0 5, but for those Sarawakians who will work beyond those limits, I wish them well and I want to remind them all that they’re hard work and dedication is helping ensure a better future for the State and its people.

I believe our people here in Sarawak can face up to the challenges of turning Sarawak into a developed nation.

I know there are more important things to post about, especially with the Sarawak election coming, but we have to realise that we cannot keep talking about politics all the time.

If we’re going to bring Sarawak to greater heights, we need to ensure that our people are ready for all the good things that coming, especially through SCORE, because if we’re not prepared, we could miss the boat. And that would be a great tragedy.

An even greater tragedy, I feel, is if foreigners – with the help some people in Sarawak – try to derail our plans to become a more developed and more advanced.

Case in point is the opposition blog Sarawak Report. It’s my favourite opposition blog now though, because its product is just like a daytime soap opera, with its own cast of heroes and villains. Of course, the script is also brilliant.

The producers of the show, however remain shrouded in mystery. Of course, by now we have all been introduced to the director, the lovely sister-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Britain (though technically he was never elected democratically).

She has also flown in her Iban buddy from Sarawak – a former civil servant and entertainment radio deejay and now international playboy – to work for her as a deejay on a political radio show, which has not been as well received as they had planned.

As producer, she has had a lot of help in getting research for her script, and obviously her scriptwriters are very adept in the art of the spin. As for the marketing bit, she has used her considerable network  of media organisations and NGOs in London town and in Europe to good use.

Sitting pretty in London town with friends in high places, do we really have a chance against this foreigner? Will we sit idly by, as she spreads lies about us to people from all over the world, who have no idea of who we are or what our aspirations are?

I admit I don’t live in the rainforest and nor do I own Native Customary Rights land. I also don’t have any beef with the Land and Survey Department about land leases. Does that mean I don’t care about these issues? Hell no!

I discuss it with my friends and we don’t think the situation is as bad as the opposition blog Sarawak Report makes it out to be!

But I guess if the sister-in-law of the former UK Prime Minister just wants to meddle in our Sarawak’s business all the way from London town, I guess it’s doing a swell job for PKR. Too bad she can’t run for office here, otherwise, she may just want to be the Chief Minister and tell us all how Sarawak should be run.