Sarawak Report’s ‘blue eyed boy’ and Rajah Charles Brooke take centre stage

Posted on March 14, 2011


Opposition blog Sarawak Report’s favourite PKR politician in Sarawak held a gathering/press conference recently to remind people that our former undemocratically-elected ruler, Rajah Charles Brooke, was really a dictator “berhati rakyat”.

Like other protest events organised by the opposition blog Sarawak Report, the event held at the Old Court House in Kuching was not very well received, and if not for the presence of the police, it would have been quite sad, really.

For a gathering, it was not really a good one. For a press conference, I don’t think it was any better, since there were no refreshments given to members of the press. Shame on you PKR for not feeding the media anything other than your rhetoric at a press conference.

If he wanted to have a press conference, why couldn’t he have done it at an air-conditioned room. At least the media and the police would have been more comfortable.

Since the other PKR leaders were a no-show at the event either, an air-conditioned room would have fit all of them just fine.

Regrettably, I can’t get my hands on transcripts of the speech by the PKR politician but most local blogs are saying something about “speech context from Rajah Charles Brooke speech…”

I can only guess that the gist of the speech centred on how important land is to the Dayaks. Well, Duh! You don’t have to invoke the spirit of a long-dead Rajah or have an elaborate press conference to figure that one out.

I suspect that the PKR politician in question must have probably been under orders from either Malaya or London to hold an event of some sort to raise his profile somehow.

They must have realised that the opposition-backed Radio Free Sarawak, a radio station linked closely to the opposition blog Sarawak Report is just not doing what it’s supposed to do, which is raise the profile of this particular PKR politician.

To be sure, the strategy and tactics adopted by this PKR politician are more likely hatched in London or Malaya, than in Sarawak, so that’s why there’s a massive disconnect when they organise events.

As to why the tactic required the PKR politician to deliver a “speech context from Rajah Charles Brooke speech” though is anyone’s guess.

Perhaps he believes the late dictator still has a large fan base in Kuching that he can tap into. Or that there just isn’t anyone else to quote, when it comes to land matters anymore.

I just hope that he didn’t just go along with the idea, which may or may not have been dreamed up in London town or Malaya, just because his advisers have a romanticized notion of how absolutely wonderful life was in Sarawak under the rule of the dynastic dictators, the Brookes.

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