Sarawak politics and foreign intervention through the fine people at Sarawak Report

Posted on March 14, 2011


These past few months, and weeks and days, I just feel that Sarawak has been under intense attack, especially online. The State election is near and the sharks can smell blood.

It’s not just by the local opposition, but more disturbingly it’s by the international media, as well.

And more often than not, the attacks have been masterminded by the foreigners behind the opposition blog Sarawak Report, led by Gordon Brown’s sister-in-law.

The opposition blog Sarawak Report seems to be filled by masters of spin and I don’t know if Sarawak can defend itself against the likes of these people.

People who, by the way, mostly live halfway around the world in London town and assisted by their politically-motivated minions in Sarawak.

I just can’t understand why these local opposition politicians allow themselves to be turned into tools for these foreign fools, but sadly that’s what’s happening.

I actually wanted to post a message to call on all responsible Sarawakians to close ranks against this new form of foreign intervention.

But since I don’t have much time to steal from work today, I nearly gave up on the idea.

Fortunately, I found a new website Sarawak Bersatu and it had a very fitting message in its “about” page, which I found quite moving.

In fact, it moved me so much that I decided to just copy and paste the message below.

I’m not sure what the website’s about, or who’s behind it, or what’s its agenda, but I do know that I agree with what’s written below and I hope it strikes a chord with my fellow Sarawakians, as well.


About Sarawak Bersatu

Welcome to the official website of Sarawak Bersatu. We are a group of young Sarawakians who share the common goal of protecting our country against the influences – and hidden agendas – of foreign political groups and activists.

Sarawak is everywhere in the media for all the wrong reasons – abuses of power, environmental damage, and the plundering of resources. While there are certainly many areas of our national life that need improvement, we need foreign companies to develop our economy. What we don’t need are foreign politicians who try to undermine our togetherness!

Sarawak Bersatu argues that we have the people, right here in Sarawak, to govern our own affairs and to continue the development of our resources, by welcoming inward investment and by fostering the growth of world-beating domestic firms to create the wealth of the future. We achieved our independence, as Sarawakians, many years ago; we must not let it slip away unnoticed now.

We have many thriving industries and vast potential in natural and human resources.

Sarawakians have watched their country realise more and more of its enormous potential, and today they enjoy a standard of living that previous generations would never have dreamed of. We have come a long way, but we could go much further still.

We should be looking ahead as a united people, working together increase our economic strength and international standing. But we are passive, allowing foreign politicians and journalists to dictate to us how our country should be governed.

Colonial rule ended almost half a century ago, and yet we are still not free from outside pressures. Foreign politicians make many claims – that they have our interests at heart; that they want to bring us justice. They are only interested in themselves and in their parties, in extending their power and influence, and too often all they bring is discord.

We are young Sarawakians – some Iban, some Malay and some Chinese – who all share great pride in our country and a deep desire to see its development continued and its future safeguarded. The unity we enjoy in such a diverse community is precious. It has grown and evolved throughout our long history. It must not be neglected.

This site contains information on all aspects of Sarawakian life and hope that you find the content here interesting and helpful. We also hope that you too will join the discussion, either by posting a comment of your own, or by contacting us directly to join us.

Iban, Malay, Chinese; Muslim, Christian, Buddhist – we are all Sarawakians. We are Sarawak Bersatu. God bless.



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