Politics of Perception and Gordon Brown feels like picking a fight with Sarawak!

Posted on March 10, 2011


The Politics of Perception ahead of this year’s State election has stepped up to another level it seems.

The sister-in-law of the former Prime Minister of Britain has upped the ante and managed to get her famous brother-in-law to advertise what she’s doing!

And what is she doing, you may ask? It looks as if she wants to manipulate the destiny of Sarawak politics and the future prosperity of its people…and all the way from London!

That’s what she is doing!! (Sorry for the exclamation marks…I’m just upset!)

Her opposition blog Sarawak Report is so obviously political in nature and yet Gordon Brown foolishly got himself dragged into the equation.

I was going to be more venomous towards Mr Brown initially, but rather chose to calm myself down, got back to work and waited until after office hours (several hours after reading about Mr Brown’s remarks) to finish this post.

I have now also chosen to give Mr Brown the  benefit of the doubt and assume that he is absolutely ignorant about Sarawak, apart from the bits and pieces that his sister-in-law has told him so far.

Maybe Sarawak Tourism Board or Sarawak Forestry Corporation can provide him an all expenses paid trip to our great State to let him see for himself if its true that only 5% of our primary forest is left. 5% he says!!!

As I read Mr Brown’s comments again, the anger has returned, as well. But like I said, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Sister-in-law or no sister-in-law, I just hope the former Prime Minister of UK can try to do the same for Sarawak.

Interesting facts & assumptions (this is a blog after all!) about Gordon Brown

Fact: Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister of Britain. He inherited it from his former boss, Tony Blair. Since he lost the election last year to the Tories, Gordon Brown was never elected as Prime Minister. He never got a mandate from the people and the only reason he became Prime Minister was because his party was in government at the time, and the leader of the party stepped down. Tony stepped down. Gordon stepped in.

Fact: Former Prime Minister of Britain Gordon Brown has never been to Sarawak and has never visited the rainforests of Sarawak. Never!

Assumption: Gordon Brown may have SEEN the rainforests of Sarawak as his jet zoomed thousands of feet above the air and crossed this region or he may have googled it like everyone else.

Assumption: Gordon Brown’s main source of knowledge about Sarawak is from his sister-in-law.

Gordon Brown’s ignorant remarks can be read here: