I want to be a YB because….(fill in the blanks).

Posted on March 10, 2011


It was a long day today (yesterday actually, now that I’m finally home past midnight). I couldn’t steal time to work on a blog posting and even if I had time to steal, thoughts of work were always at the back of my mind.

If only the size of our annual bonus depended also on how much we THINK about work in our spare time, a lot of us overworked workaholics would be much richer. Not necessarily happier, but hopefully rich enough to be less sad or stressed.

If you expected that strange intro to lead smoothly into the main part of my posting, I apologize in advance for disappointing you.

The whole day has been spent thinking creatively hard and running around doing things that weren’t part of my job description (but felt compelled to do anyway, for the greater good) and I am physically and mentally zonked!

Since all of us can smell the State election coming soon, I thought it would do us some good to take a step back and think for a minute about our current and potential Yang Berhormats or more popularly known as YBs.

We’re going to see some old faces and some new faces in this year’s election. And by the second half of this year, we would have already chosen a government that will make sure we have a better life. At least for the next five years.

Personally, I don’t know why anyone would want to be a YB. Glamour? Riches? Or maybe its the promise of more sex? I’ve heard stories – both founded and unfounded – about YBs able to get all these things after being elected.

Or how about wanting to help the people and the community? Do I need to be a YB to do that? Seriously?

Maybe some people just like to shake hands a lot and make speeches and have their photos in the newspapers. I don’t know. I guess there’s an appeal to that, somewhere, somehow.

In Sarawak, it’s also still a good reason to go out and get a bush jacket and proceed to wear it. I’ve always had this perception that bush jackets were only worn by YBs and people in the government.

So why do people go to all the trouble to campaign and get elected? It has to be more than just wanting to be greeted as “YB” everywhere one goes.

Actually, I want to be a YB because….of POWER.

Although as individuals, this power means YBs can get more glamour, more riches and more sex (if they so desired these things)…in Sarawak, this power works best when a lot of the people in your team also get elected.

The real power is when you and your like-minded fellow YBs join hands to form a government. This is REAL power to really help transform lives for the better.

So, if you want to be a YB, and more importantly MY YB, the only motivation you should have for wanting to become my YB is that YOU want to gain power to help transform MY life for the better.

Fortunately for you, I have low expectations for MY YB. To get my vote, just make sure I have a job, where I can become an overworked workaholic, if I chose to do so…and have the opportunity to get rich enough to buy a small dose of happiness.

For other people, their expectations for their YB are much higher than mine, so naturally it would be tougher for the potential candidates to please these people.

I’m just wondering how all the potential candidates would “fill in the blanks” and tell us why they really want to be our YB.

If they actually did “fill in the blanks”, the entertainment value alone would be enough to sell thousands of local newspapers and generate millions of website hits.

Let’s all hope their intentions for becoming YBs are pure and sincere…for the sake of the future of Sarawak and all its people.