The dirtiest election campaign in Sarawak Politics so far…by the Malaya-based opposition.

Posted on March 4, 2011


Yes, that’s right! The opposition. I said it!

The Malaya-based opposition parties will launch the dirtiest campaign they’ve ever run in Sarawak, because they believe that’s the only way they can have a chance to win more seats in this year’s State election.

So far, they have been trying to smear our Chief Minister and his family members.

The smear campaign may seem to be the only campaign that they can run, and it can’t just be any smear campaign at that; it has to consistently attack the leader of Sarawak BN.

Facts and truth will not be a major consideration because all the Malaya-based opposition wants is for the dirt to stick.

It’s just hoping and praying that perception, rather than truth, will sway the public.

The spearhead of this dirty election campaign is of course the opposition-run Sarawak Report blog, which will come up with even more drama and soap opera as the weeks go by.

The strategy so far is to (1) dish up dirt on the Chief Minister and his family, then (2) let other pro-opposition sites pick up the story and then (3) follow-up with other forms of communication, such as through print and radio.

It’s a brilliant plan and it has been executed very well. Except of course for Radio Free Sarawak, which is not going so well. Maybe they should change the deejay.

Of course, the plan seems to be running smoothly due in large part to the people implementing the plan; they’re all from London and from Malaya it seems, with our local Sarawak boys playing bit roles but allowed to work overseas and enjoy life working with Mat Salleh as proper defenders of Sarawak rimauataskerusi (better known as democracy).

We have to thank the sister-in-law of the former British Prime Minister for that, by the way.

But then you may ask, what’s so dirty about all this? This is, after all, just part of politics.

For me, it’s just too much the way they’re portraying Sarawak overseas.

This is especially so in London and Toronto, where Sarawakians in exile (so they say!) have re-branded themselves as Sarawak rimauataskerusi’s last line of defence.

They’re bringing shame to Sarawak and tarnishing the image of Sarawak…and for what? To put in place the Chief Minister that they want.

They seem to be intent on bringing CHANGE to Sarawak but all I can see is them bringing negative change. Forget about progress and prosperity.

If that’s how this opposition plans to bring about change, all I can say is KEEP THE CHANGE!






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