Ecological Masterplan for Sarawak’s Last Frontier!

Posted on March 3, 2011


A media friend in Bintulu, who attended an event officiated by the Sarawak Chief Minister today told me that Sarawak is developing a masterplan for Kapit Division. An “Ecological Masterplan”.

When I heard about it, I was a bit skeptical, because so much valuable natural resources are located in Kapit, such as timber, coal and the power of hydro.

If the State is supposed to be this rapist of the rainforest and demonised in the western media for destroying our environment, it would not make sense to do what the Chief Minister  is proposing.

The Chief Minister said he wants to leave the children of Sarawak with a beautiful environment and in the process, transform the interiors of the SCORE area into the BEST ECO-TOURISM DESTINATION IN SOUTH EAST ASIA. Not an easy task.

In essence, what he has in mind is to conserve Sarawak’s last frontier, betweeen Kapit and Baram, as a natural paradise for generations to come.

He also  said that although Sarawak needs to transform, it must never do so at the expense of our environment. What we need to find is the balance of progress and conservation that is the best combination for Sarawak and its people

The Chief Minister said the Ecological Masterplan will be formulated soon and will be carried out within the next 20 years.

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