The politics of hatred…

Posted on March 2, 2011


Initially, I thought I was going to share about some of the things that a media friend told me about today.

I thought it was something new, but found out that it was actually old news. Old is not gold in this case.

The media friend told me about a press conference he attended today, about SUPP president announcing that 30% of the candidates from his party in this year’s Sarawak state elections would be youngbloods.

Apparently, he’s already said it before, only in another mathematical term. He said previously that about 1/3 of the party’s candidates would be new faces.

That’s the price I pay for not being observant enough.

Anyway, the SUPP president, who is also Sarawak’s Deputy Chief Minister (1) said some other things, as well, according to the media friend.

And I actually like what he said. That is, according to what the media friend told me.

The SUPP president said that he believes that politics is a noble profession. Politics should not be used to promote hatred. Politics of hatred is unhealthy. Politics of hatred is not what Sarawakians accept.

Up to that last statement, I totally agree with the DCM (1). The opposition has proven that when done well, the politics of hatred can be accepted by the voting public, especially the more urban voting public.

As the media friend quoted the DCM as saying: “I make you hate the fella so much that you’ll vote for me.”

The protest vote. Fuelled by the politics of hatred. And as anyone know, hatred is a very powerful emotion. And that was the main opposition strategy for the opposition in 2006.

Whatever good the government coalition had done in the areas they lost that year…was obviously lost on the majority of voters. Emotions turned into protest votes and if enough people turned out at the polls, you will be royally screwed.

Now that SUPP has realised that this was the problem they had in 2006, let’s hope for the party’s sake that it knows how to handle the situation in the 2011 election.

Fortunately for SUPP, the opposition Sarawak Report blog, or which should be re-named the “Bash-Taib-Mahmud Report Report” does not have the resources (or rather interest) to focus on anything other than politically attacking Sarawak’s Chief Minister.

Right now, I think I need to catch up with news from the other parties. I’m beginning to get obsessed with SUPP.