Oh, for the sake of protesting…in London and in Ottawa?

Posted on March 1, 2011


Ever since the middle east became the centre of the media universe for me, I’ve been hooked on Al-Jazeera.

Let’s face it, when people power is happening in that area, we cannot allow ourselves to stray to CNN or BBC.

Al-Jazeera’s got more people speaking the local lingo over there, so it’s only natural to stay tuned to it, anyway.

Al-Jazeera has shown me what’s happened in Tunisia. Then what’s happened in Egypt. Then a few other places. And now I’m fixated on Libya.

I’m in a very agro mood right now, though. Just because people are protesting in the middle east and “people power” seems to be engulfing the gulf, several Sarawakians felt that we too should protest. And boy, did they protest!

In London they protested! and in Ottawa they protested! Ottawa!!!…I had to google the place to find out where it is, because of the sheer irrelevancy it has with my life.

The pro-opposition blog Sarawak Report is in the thick of things, it seems, because photos show Gordon Brown’s sister-in-law’s colleague, the former entertainment deejay (and current deejay of the opposition-funded Radio Free Sarawak) protesting away.

What really makes my blood boil is that it is so politically-motivated and coincides with Sarawak’s State election this year. The issues they raise also has nothing to do with what I think about everyday. But isn’t it nice that you all get to shout to your heart’s content in these fancy cities, while we’re sweating our ass off back home, trying to make a living! Wearing a ‘pua kumbu’ is always a nice touch too, especially when protesting among your Mat Salleh pals.

You want to bring change for the people, stay in Sarawak and do something here. It’s not as bad as you paint it out to be. But I guess if you want to win the elections, you do what you have to do. It just makes me sick though.

In the middle east, the tipping point, I believe has been reached and a gap between the haves and the have-nots was allowed to widen to an extent that the young and restless majority decided that enough was enough.

In Sarawak, I believe that we have never allowed the gap to reach that stage. And I hope the policy remains that way.

I know it’s not cool to take the side of the government, especially after watching so much Al-Jazeera but I really believe that our little State in our little island can be better. We must be better.

The current administration under Chief Minister Taib Mahmud may not be perfect, but at least it has a plan to make Sarawak a better place.

You think we cutting down all our trees? Check it for yourself! And not only that, we’ve got to spend millions now on planted forests. Us! the people of the rainforest! Yes, it seems we have changed.

You think we have a corrupt government, who doesn’t? Some governments just have better PR, that’s all.

You think we don’t have press freedom?…think Rupert Murdoch. If he thinks that something’s bullshit, do you think it can come out in his papers (if he didn’t want to, that is)? Did freedom of the press stop the invasion of Iraq or prevent the global financial crisis?

The opposition is obsessed with bringing change. But in Sarawak they only want to change the guy who sits on the big boss’ chair…so that perhaps they can sit there in his place.

Maybe I should just go to London or Ottawa and take my case to the streets like everyone else nowadays….




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