SUPP’s candidates for 2011 Sarawak State elections are…

Posted on February 23, 2011


Looking like some of the old candidates in 2006. Old candidates who lost, that is.

Never give up. Never back down. Must be the motto for the former representatives of Padungan and Batu Kawah.

Shallow knowledge that I do have about SUPP politics, I am led to believe these two are still hopeful (and very much in the running) to claim back what are rightfully theirs.

I guess if you can make enough noise at one of SUPP’s CWC or other important meetings, anyone can get their way once in a while.

Oh, well. I should give them the benefit of the doubt because quite frankly, they could still pull off an upset come election day.

The current honourable member for Padungan belongs to a party that seems to have lost much of its focus, and more importantly its lustre, over the years.

So, there is still a chance for the honourable member, whom he replaced, to get back the seat. You go, girl!

As for Kota Sentosa (seat created after Batu Kawah delineated), the current champion definitely still has a bit of lustre and would require an organised and disciplined campaign to unseat.

Unless, of course, he “hands over” the seat to one of his law firm staff members, and goes for a more challenging area, say Batu Kawah, which by the way, is the only State seat that SUPP South still holds.

In which case, the former champion could have a fighting chance to regain the title.

I’ve heard of SUPP recyling in Meradong, as well but can’t recall the name. It was mentioned during dinner, where Terubok was being served.

The fish was more interesting at the time. In fact, it may be even more interesting than this post, when I think about it.

Food vs food for thought. And the winner is…